30 Reasons I’m Thankful 2013 edition

I didn’t do the “30 days of thankful” on Facebook so I thought I would just do a list instead.

1.) I am thankful for the people in my life. Obviously, my family and friends, but also my Facebook friends, my hair stylist, the boys teachers, my old teachers, neighbors, the boys doctors and nurses, other parents. It just makes life a bit better when you deal with good people!
2.) I am thankful for tacos because we have them at least once a week.
3.) I am thankful for my friend who text me every day to meet her at the Y even though I have stood her up so many times!!
4.) I am thankful that I have a date night with Matthew tonight with a bunch of other couples!!! (Could not be more excited!!!)
5.) I am thankful for my television shows!! Oh, how I love you all!! Claire Danes (Homeland) no one plays crazy as good as you but Joan Cusack (Shameless) you are close! William H. Macy (Shameless) thank you for playing such a crappy parent. Parenthood thank you for letting people peek into my world even if it is for a moment. And Derek Morgan (Shemar Moore) Criminal Minds just thank you for existing!!
6.) I am thankful for football. Even though my Vols are struggling I love you so. I am even enjoying NFL this year so much more thanks to fantasy football!! And Peyton, you make me proud!
7.) I am thankful for naps.
8.) I am thankful for my sense of humor. You never let me down.
9.) I am thankful for Facebook. Even though you get on my nerves sometimes you still leave me with the “Hide all post option” and I am grateful.
10.) I am thankful for Pinterest. You have made me a better person even if it is all in my head.
11.) I am thankful for the fact that I know almost everything.  I am basing this on the number of questions the males in my house ask me!!!!
12.) I am thankful for learning how to have thicker skin. I ask Noah’s doctor how to handle so many situations every time we visit. Her answer lately is “You’re going to have to grow some thicker skin”. I think it has started happening!! Most of you are thinking “You? Thicker skin?” LOL
13.) Which leads me to another virtue,  I am thankful for patience. Although most would disagree, my tolerance level has improved so much since I have had kids of my own.
14.) I am thankful for those really, really good people in the world. The ones that don’t get the acknowledgements that they deserve. The Hugh Wayne Clarks, the Becky Davidsons, the Mildred Burchetts, and, although she passed away in June, the Ruby Clarks. I could go on and on….
15.) I am thankful that I have almost always gone my own way. That I didn’t just follow the crowd. That I don’t necessarily try to be different, I try to be me.
16.) I am thankful for lessons learned no matter how hard.
17.) I am thankful my parents gave me roots and at the same time gave me wings.
18.) I am thankful for Google. Without you I would be so lost!!
19.) I am thankful that I am able to stay at home with our boys.
20.) I am thankful for music. I love that it can do so many things! It can take you back to a different time, it can make you cry, it can provide you with comfort, and it can make you so happy! Music can do almost anything you allow it to do! I love that!
21.) I am thankful for T-shirts! Love me a good T-shirt!!
22.) I am thankful that I live in the South! The food, the weather (for the most part), the hospitality, the traditions.
23.) I am thankful that “When you know better, you do better”-Maya Angelou
24.) I am thankful for quotes. I love reading them! They can make you laugh, inspire or motivate you, or give you a different perspective.
25.) I am thankful I didn’t grow up in the world of camera phones, Facebook, and social media in general!! Boy, would I be in trouble!!
26.) I am thankful for old friends. The ones that I can just pick up with no matter how much time has passed.
27.) I am thankful for new friends! It’s not easy making friends as an adult! I have been really blessed to meet some strong, funny women!
28.) I am thankful for saltine crackers because just one can keep JP busy for me to get a few things done!!
29.) I am thankful that I am not close minded and can usually see both sides of a situation.
And, finally……..
30.) I am thankful for my readers……all 7 of you!!

My Boys!!!!


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