99 Problems….

So Monday, like every Monday,  I will start my diet! I don’t like to use the word “diet” bc it’s more of just a lifestyle that you have to adapt to more than anything. I lost 30 lbs. two years ago so I know that I can do it!! Just doing it again sucks! I do remember how much better I felt after I had lost the weight. You would think that would be motivating enough wouldn’t you? But no….

I felt better in my clothes, my energy level, getting my picture made, everything! Now, I just refuse to allow myself to put it off another year because all of a sudden 10 years will have come and gone and I have been unhappy with myself, you know?

Think I will just start with better food choices! Perfect? No, but better!! (Baby steps) I learned a long time ago not to set unobtainable goals. Like, for example, going to the Y 5 days a week. It ain’t happening!! Even at my fitness peak!! No, now I’m shooting for walking to get the boys after school and maybe walking 2 days around the neighborhood for 20 minutes. I remember last time too that the motivation of seeing that number go down was very rewarding!! I weighed today which I normally do not do, but I believe it is important to actually see the number. Hate it!  You don’t have to become obsessed with the number. It’s actually not about the number at all, to a certain extent anyway. I think it’s more about being healthy and happy with yourself. I know all that sounds cliché, but I know it to be true for me at least.

Lots of people ask me how I lost the weight before and were so disappointed when I say diet and exercise. I would have been too! “Oh no!!! Anything but that!!”I feel ya!! It sucks, but lots of things do! Like why can’t it be healthy to skip breakfast and really, really healthy to eat late at night?  It’s not too much to ask!

Maybe that’s why we all hate Monday’s so much!! Everyone is vowing to eat better and we are all just hungry!! Hell, I’m starving just typing this paragraph!! Plotting in my head what I can eat next!

I think this is something I need to get under control now because my grocery bill is skyrocketing! Food is expensive! Especially healthy food! I have 3 boys I have to feed. (Believe me, I have tried ignoring them!!) I can’t imagine my bill when they are teenagers.  I coupon some but not that extreme coupon stuff. That just doesn’t work for me. One, I’m not one to cause a scene and it just seems like it might. Two, most of the stuff you use coupons on are really unhealthy. At least for the most part.

Matthew fusses every grocery visit because I “spend too much money” there. Sometimes I get fed up and send him. It’s useless!! I end up going back in 2 days because he didn’t buy any dinners. I can keep it under $100 too if no one wants to eat after 4 pm. (I’ve tried that too and it doesn’t work!) This reminds me, I saw one those fun greeting card things, ecards I think, someone shared on Facebook that said “Here’s to every mother who has eaten a candy bar in a closet, because frankly, you just did not want to share”. This cracks me up! Nikki, my sister, and I have discussed on several occasions how we didn’t eat sometimes out of fear our kids would want something to eat too!! Sometimes I think I could be munching on a bag of turds and Wyatt would say “Mama, can I try one of those?” The rattle of that bag can send most entranced kids in a tailspin.

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