About Me….

Hello and Welcome! My name is Ginger, and I Know This Is Horrible But... is my blog!


A bit about me.....

I have found that my humor gets me through almost anything. I’m a sucker for a great idea, a great laugh, and a great time!! Nothing makes me happier than family and friends. I have experienced some of the highest of highs and lowest of lows. I am slowly learning how to accept a compliment, how to be a grown-up, and that life is what you make it. I have too many pet peeves. I am a college graduate of education with no desire to teach. I have made too many mistakes, but I have learned from them and I am learning to accept them. I love to cook but hate to clean up. One day, I hope to look at something and say, "I did that...." 

What You Will Find On My Blog... A little bit of everything...but hopefully you will find that it's a blog to make you laugh and  say "Me too!" while maneuvering through this crazy life! I love finding and sharing ideas and quotes, my latest DIY project, tips and hacks of all sorts, or just my random thoughts of daily life. I write about anything that makes things easier while throwing in a bit of humor in the process.... 

I started writing this blog with hopes to make you laugh (at least most of the time) and provide myself with a venting post that keeps me sane! Or so I hope….