My little admirer….It’s A Squirrel!!!

Crazy busy week!!

Yesterday, I’m going to put JP down for a nap and had him in one arm and my iPhone in my other hand. (Of course) Our stairs are located as soon as you walk in the front door so I start to head that way. I always have a funny feeling that someone is peeking in. (Bless their hearts if they got a glimpse of me!!) Anyway, I look up as I get to the front door to turn and there he is staring right at me! It scared me to death!! In the bottom window was a little squirrel peeking in! He even had his little hands up around his eyes trying to see better!  We just stared at each other for what felt like minutes then I tried my best to get a picture. (And what did we do before camera phones? Just rely on some boring story WITHOUT THE PHOTO?? Crazy!) I was too late to get him in the act, but I did get a quick shot!

Peeking SuirrelI am not a big fan of squirrels.

I mean they aren’t horrible but are a bit unpredictable.

Speaking of unpredictable, Frogs! Now those things are unpredictable! They just sit there looking around with no expression and then “BAM” they bolt. I don’t like that. It totally freaks me out just thinking about it!!





My Crazy Squirrel


Found this one just sprawled out over my fence. Straddling it like he didn’t have a care in the world, pondering life, and what to do next

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