Another snow day

Another snow day! Please don’t misinterpret my exclamation point as enthusiasm!  I use them a lot. Mother of the year award I shall not receive again but honesty is the best policy (or so I am told) and this is MY blog!!
Trying not to play “Debbie Downer”  but sometimes things get overwhelming. It just seems like these days fall at times that I have many things going on. The fact we never actually get snow, but the “threat” of snow, is irritating. I feel we can’t make any real plans because I don’t want to be stuck on the side of a road with three kids!!!
One thing to make clear, I am not “mad” at the school system. I get it. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t. I do get a bit irritated with these weather people. It doesn’t really so any good so I try to just let it go. It would be easier if they would just get on television, stand in front of the map, and say “We really have no clue. Back to you Matt and Savannah!!”
So here we sit, again, on this snow day playing a bit of Wii U and iPad. The boys have also worked on their valentine boxes for school. Noah’s is Bronco themed (Surprise!) and Wyatt’s is a variety of his favorite things. I have helped some but they have done the most of it. I am not one of those mama’s who takes over a school project too much. Not a fan of those people either to be perfectly honest and FYI the teachers know your kid didn’t “help”!!!!
JP has been a bit congested this week. As a result, sleep has not come easy in this house. (If you can’t tell by my attitude) No fever so that’s good. He has also started saying “Ma Ma” this week. I couldn’t be any happier about that!! He isn’t necessarily saying it toward me, still just making the sound, is enough for me. Neither of my first two did. Wyatt was delayed with his speech as well as Noah. For a time I worried about Wyatt having autism but now believe he was just delayed mimicking Noah I suppose.

I will never forget the first time Noah said “mama”. He was 2 and a half-years-old and had been in therapy for about 6 months. It was February 9th, 2008. A very good day.
Wyatt has done better in basketball. I try to explain to him I don’t expect him to score every point but a little effort goes a long way!! He seems to be getting it on the court and in the classroom. I am so proud of him!

I will admit I was a bit hard on him. I expected better and thought he could do better!!  I have a talk with his teacher and find out one of the questions he missed was a picture of three things, one was a pig, the question was……Circle the pig. Really? I just can’t handle it!
I have come up with an idea for an App. I’m going to call it “Exhausted Mom App”. It is still a work in progress but the main idea of it is to spell words (Suri is getting tired of it too I think) and repeat phrases like “Pick up your backpack, flush the toilet, aim for the water, lift the lid, quit wiping your nose with your shirt, etc.”

You get the idea. Still working on it….
Hoping for a good rest of the week for everyone!!!

He does really good on defense!!!

He loves his mama!!!

Noah enjoying Wyatt’s basketball game! He has done really well!

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  1. Jill Bernhardt says:

    I love reading your REAL blogs. I love you say this is MY blog… Ha. It sure is as don't forget that by telling it like it is you inspire so many!!! Press on, sista!

  2. gingerfinn says:

    Thanks Jill!! And thank you for always being such a supporter and friend!

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