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Our world on the spectrum

A mother’s perspective…

I felt the pressure to make a blog post today even though I have almost nothing to say!! Today is Autism Awareness day.  However, I have justified it is also Autism Awareness Month ( I think) so I have a few things in the works to guide and/or inform you about autism. Today, hell who am I kidding, this entire week is a no go for me! I told some of my girlfriends tonight, I felt bad because I feel like it is my job to put that information out there, but I live and breathe this stuff all day every day. Sometimes, that is the last thing I want to do! So, I am just going to do the best I can…
One of my favorite quotes describing autism is “If you have met one person with autism then you have met one person with autism.” Meaning, no two are alike. Don’t you just love a good quote? One that sums up what you are feeling in such a simple way??

That is my own biggest struggle.  I think I might have mentioned this before. When Noah was first diagnosed I was almost like a mad woman seeking someone like him but with no luck. I still do this sometimes,  here and there. I have read countless books about autism and not one seems to fit. Maybe I do need to write my own!!!
So, that is where my frustration lies. At least for the moment. I never allow myself to get too comfortable, because as a mom with a child on the spectrum, that is the last thing you want to do.
I have rejoined the world of Facebook!! Yay and not so yay! I am back on because I am participating in a connect group of parents of children with special needs. These groups are very rewarding for the most part. Gives me a different perspective on things lots of times and provides a great comfort when you are feeling lost and alone. Frankly, I think we all could use a support group or two in everyday life regardless of your situation.
One of my reasons for taking a break from Facebook was things were just getting under my skin with people. A bit too much really! I am not a mean person, but I totally want to call people out and just say “Really? I mean, really?” I luckily got some girl time in tonight. (Another thing I think every woman needs!!) We were talking and one of my favorites said that I need to let that stuff go and take it for what it is. At the time, I justified my actions with this or that but she is so right!!! What in the hell do I care what these people do or say??
Wrapping this up with an update on the Buddy Bench I am attempting to bring to the boys school! (Click on the link to see more about Buddy Bench)  I am going to start taking donations today in attempt to donate two benches, one on each playground, by the end of the year!! I hate asking for money from people, but this is one thing that I believe is worth being a little uncomfortable!! LOL! Here is the thing, they will run about $400 a piece. At least that is what I have come up with as of yet. I know you hear these things all the time, but even $5 will go a long way! Even thought about encouraging my boys to do some extra chores to give a few dollars of allowance toward something good. I will have to come up with a system to donate so bear with me another day and I will be ready! Hope you are too!!


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