How ’bout them Vols?! GBO!

So I get it…. You hate Tennessee and can not stand to see us (finally) turning a corner and seeing glimpses of the “storied program” we grew up knowing and loving. All the social media post and flags flying gets under your skin…. I get it, I do…

The reason I get it is that I often feel the same way…but about your team of course. Some more than others and I am almost certain, at least as far as my fellow Volunteer fans are concerned, they are all the same… Alabama, most definitely Florida, USC, and I should probably just say any team associated with Lane Kiffin, but you get the idea…

Here’s where you lose me…. And that is when you become an asshole… Before you say anything about me, or us, not being able to take a joke please spare me… Most of you will say “Well, it’s not toward you. It’s toward my other friends who are obnoxious!” Really? Pot, meet kettle…. Whether you are willing to admit it or not I don’t really care. I have been known to make a jab or two myself. It’s fun, or it can be, to banter back and forth. Not being a huge Steve Spurrier fan myself, I still enjoy his quick wit… Even when it’s directed toward my Vols!  I have a few friends here and there who cheer for my rivals… Hell, last week I had a weak moment where I was going to feel bad for one of the boy’s old teachers (She’s an Alabama fan…) if they were upset by Ole Miss! The point in saying this is to explain that even though I do not like Alabama and I loathe that Kiffin boy, I like her enough to not want her to be unhappy… (Well, maybe a little unhappiness here and there is ok, right?)

Facebook seem to be the worst…people ranting about how “real programs” don’t change their uniforms, how we are acting like we won a championship, yada, yada…. Yes! We are excited! As we should be! We have been pretty patient in my opinion, and we are beyond thrilled to be winning!

Maybe I have softened a bit somewhere along the way, at least I think I have…. Just the other day I saw a little boy in Florida Gator jersey, and to steal a line from Steel Magnolias, “I smiled at the son-of-bitch for I couldn’t help myself!!!”

Ok, I am done with my ranting… So for now, I suppose I can just be thankful for the “unfriend” and “unfollow” button….

How bout them Vols?



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