Breakin’ old habits…..

         Here I go, starting another Monday and trying to get into the mindset to eat healthy and get moving a bit more. That is my way of saying I am going to diet and start exercising. I do not like to use those terms at least not in the beginning. It can be intimidating and overwhelming. I don’t know why but if I say I am going to “diet and exercise” every day and then I fail three days into the process,  I throw up my  hands. I don’t want to do that this time. 
       Also, I always regard the word ‘diet’ as a short term process, however to lose the weight and keep it off you have to maintain the lifestyle. The lifestyle is proper diet and exercise! That’s the crazy part! It’s sounds so contradicting. That’s the perception of it I think. What most people do not realize, neither did I, is that you can start so small you barely even know you are doing anything. 
        For example, I am going to practice portion control this week. That is more along the lines of eating what foods I want, for the most part, just measuring them out. I know what you are thinking! You don’t have time for that! But you do. 
        For the first couple of weeks I will, and plan on, leaving a measuring cup on the counter. And use it!! That’s a big plus!! HAHA!  Develop the habit of watching how much you are putting into your body. You will be amazed at how much we all over eat! 
        Fixing a bowl of cereal is a perfect example. You pick up the box, turn it upside down, pour it into the bowl. Then, you grab the milk, tilt it over, and throw the milk back into the fridge. Simple, right? Now, take the measuring cup and pour the actual serving size of the cereal with only a half a cup of milk. It is a drastic difference. Don’t believe me? Do it! You will be floored at the amount of calories you intake. I was when I started doing it in 2011. (I don’t do it now obviously) I lost about 30 lbs!! I did hardly any running. (Bad knees) Mostly walking, stationary bike, weight lifting, some weights is what I started dabbling in once I started eating healthy. For me, once I saw a drop on the scale, it motivated me to want to pick up the pace a bit. I never got full blown crazy about it. But the benefit of making better choices with food and being a bit more active is worth so much.
       I remember when I lost the weight before, I felt really good about myself. Getting dressed, going out, playing with the boys, putting on that dreaded bathing suit, all were not so bad anymore. Was I a size 4? No. (Not just “no” but HELL NO!!) I was just normal. Comfortable. Happier. 
       This made me see that although I love me food, it wasn’t worth it in the long run. Keep in mind I didn’t give everything up “the good stuff”, I just cut back. Especially, right at first and then gradually did more. I remember one day watching Oprah (love her) and she said “So if you do eat a couple of Oreos, it’s okay! Just don’t eat the entire sleeve!” That made sense to me.
      Another big plus was I didn’t despise getting my picture made anymore! Not that I was overjoyed about it after I lost weight but I wasn’t so hesitant about it. I never thought I looked “beautiful” or that I was “showing off” like some thought I was,  I just finally felt comfortable. And that was nice for a change
        I am not here to lecture or tell you every little detail of my journey. (I promise)  I am going to start my own “30 day challenge” and see how it goes. So, if any of you have any tips or delicious, healthy recipes send them my way!! I will post, from time to time,  my progress and most definitely the end result! Here goes nothing……

                 This is a picture of me after losing most of my weight. Taken March of 2012. I ran my first, and only, 5K. It was bucket list of sorts. I walked some but ran most of the time! Not too many times in my life I have felt proud of myself but I did that day!

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  1. Jill Bernhardt says:

    You got this! I am ready to challenge myself as well!

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