Have to give my two cents on last night’s Oscar Awards because I know you have all been dying to hear them! I will admit, I am usually more of a fan of the Golden Globe Awards but I thought this year’s Academy Awards was the best in years! Very entertaining for the most part. All the way through even, which is rare!

So I will start with what I loved:
-First of all, Ellen nailed it!! I am a huge fan of hers and her humor in general. Her timing and delivery were spot on! Even the unscripted stuff. Her quick wit is my absolute favorite!
-Jared Leto. As a mother, we can all only hope for such a touching tribute. (Not that I am holding my breath if mine grows up and read my last post!!) Everything he said was just beautiful! He has to be the prettiest man I have ever seen!!
-The music tonight was just fantastic! Pharrell, Pink, U2, and Bette Midler all were unbelievable! I will admit, Bette got me a bit.
-Angie, honey, eat a sandwich. I love you, but you freak people out a bit with your statue like demeanor.
-Lupita Nyong’o is absolutely flawless! Her speech was beautiful and sent me a bit into the ugly cry. I haven’t seen “12 Years a Slave” yet. I dread watching it because of what it is about, but I think everyone should. Just like if you haven’t seen Schindler’s List you need to. As terrible as those eras are we shouldn’t ignore them.
-Love the young ones like Emma Watson, Michael B. Jordan, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt.
-And the older ones like Glenn Close, Sidney Poitier, Kevin Spacey,
-Kerry Washington….well, that’s all I really have to say I think!
-Don’t you just love Bradley, Jennifer, Julia, Meryl, Sandy, . I’m sure you are wondering why I am referring to them by their first names! It’s because they make you feel so happy and at home! Just love them!!!
Last, but certainly not least:
-All right, all right, all right…” Matthew, I love you. You have been my “go to” for so long I don’t even remember when you entered into my life. You set the bar. Won me over in a tiny little Trisha Yearwood music video “Walk Away Joe”, put a wedge between us in “Magic Mike”, and made me coming crawling back with “Dallas Buyer’s Club”.  Only you could make a man dying with AIDS look that sexy. And, by Matthew, that would be McConaughey.
Now for the not-so-good:
-The plastic surgery people! Hey, I get it! You don’t want to look old! Me either!! That being said, someone in their “camp” should tell them to ease up a bit! Kim Novak, bless her, she didn’t even look human! And, Goldie sweetheart, you aren’t too far behind her! We should all take a note from the likes of Meryl and Sally Field! (adore them both) Both beautiful, but Sally was stunning! Her hair was so healthy and pretty! “Just tease it and make it look like a brown football helmet”
-More than a few people looked a bit too orange. I thought for sure they were honoring Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory along with The Wizard of Oz with all those orange faces and someone was going to break out into “Oompa, Loompa, doom-pa-dee-do” at any moment!!
-Whoopi’s dress or whatever you want to call it. Bless her. I mean, if anyone gets not being real comfortable in a dress it’s me, but that was just disastrous!!!
-Harrison Ford, I think, should lose the earring. At a certain age, we all teeter on that fine line of “cool” and embarrassing. He’s passed it.

-And John Travolta messing up Idina Menzel’s name. It came out like “Adele Dazim”. I am sure it was a tough job but couldn’t you have gone in the bathroom for about two minutes prior and practiced a few times!! Man! Bless him. Although, I will say, with all the plastic surgery he has had his mouth can’t make certain sounds. John, honey, if Kelly won’t tell you I will…..lay off the Botox!

                                                                      Lord have mercy…..

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