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Don’t you hate it when you look terrible, but you need to run in the store? You think you can just run in,  grab a few things, and be on your way! You pray no one sees you, but of course that is the one time you see forty-five people you know! And, most certainly, one of them happens to be the last person on earth you want to see you that way!!! It happens to me, every time!
Let me tell this little story before going into the main one…. My family was asked by a local magazine to be one of the families featured in its latest issue. The magazine is a great, fun read featuring many things in the Upper Cumberland area! If you haven’t seen it you should check it out! It is free and can be picked up at many businesses around town. They also have a Facebook page! I will link it here so check it out!! Naynoo
Although flattered and honored to asked, I was nervous! Not only did we have to do family pictures, which I don’t do, but I had to write the article!! Lord, I thought I would never get it done!  Surprisingly, once I sat down and got started, it was rather easy.
I was a bit nervous about feeling exposed because I consider myself a rather private person. (Who am I kidding??) It was more like anxiety about what people would think of us or how would I come across rather. I don’t know!! But, I was nervous!!!!
The first week it came out we ate at a local restaurant. All five of us, so we are rather hard to miss and they sat us by a table of about 12 sorority girls. I didn’t pay too much attention because I was busy with the boys and feeding my own face!! Matthew suddenly says, “Ginger, look over at what every one of those girls has in front of them!” He says it in such a whisper and panic I am thinking what could it be! I glance around and there they all sat with a copy of the latest Naynoo issue! Ahhh!!
I will say it hasn’t been anything but a positive experience. Matthew got a bit teased among his colleagues asking for his autograph, but that’s all in fun! If you are a parent, Naynoo has so many tips and neat ideas to improve your family or home! I will include a photo of my small part at the bottom of this blog, although you should definitely check it out!

Anyway, back to my original story……. So, I run in Kroger just to grab a few things and I look hideous! It was knocking on 9:30 pm,  I was checking out and the cashier says “Your family is so cute!” I kinda look around thinking “Well, shit they have followed me in here!” When I realized they were at home with Matthew! Then she says, “In that Naynoo magazine, your family is just the sweetest looking bunch!” I had forgotten about those type people that would recognize me!! I say thank you, even though  I am embarrassed. You all know how I hate compliments if you have followed my blog! If not, check it out here: Compliments
I get back to my car, almost rip the rearview mirror off, and I look at myself. I quickly flip it up because it scared me! I was like “Who in the hell is that?” Have you ever done that? Looked into the mirror and not recognize yourself!! I drove home and put every eye cream or lotion I could find on my face and neck!!! I don’t think I have looked at myself again since!
           Now flash forward to this week,  I was putting on my rings that I never wear because I never do anything and I look at my hands. They were old and wrinkled! I flipped them over and flipped them back, still theywere wrinkled! When did this happen? More importantly, why did someone not tell me??


I often write assuming you all know everything about me so I will try my best to not be so vague. (Not a fan of that!) Feel free to ask me if you are ever confused by my randomness!

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