Dinner Ideas? The struggle is real! Picky eaters? I’m done….

I am so tired of having the same crap for dinner! This is a huge struggle in our house. So many things go into the thought process of dinner time! Even the word dinner comes into play!! We can’t say “supper” at our house. If you do, Noah will correct you!! He came home from school upset before because someone said “supper” instead of “dinner” at school that day! I told him “Noah, that is nothing to get upset over. You have bigger fish to fry”. In turn, he says, “Is that what we are having for dinner? Fish?” I give up!!

We have the usual spaghetti, tacos, hamburgers, grilled chicken. Sometimes I get a wild hair and we will have either lasagna, nachos, hamburger steak, or fried chicken!! All of these are just a tad different from the other list so it’s not like it’s something new!

Of course winter time allows you to make chili or vegetable soup. That’s a nice change up. Especially the first month or so into the cold weather. It’s easy clean up and it usually spreads out a couple of nights for leftovers!

Here is where my dilemma comes in, picky eaters and healthy eating!!! Noah is a great eater! Wyatt, on the other hand, is terrible. It’s funny because so many kids with autism are picky eaters, but my typical kid is my picky eater. Very picky!! Most of his is by looks alone and I think that is what irritates me so badly!! A weird smell or a funny texture I get, but he automatically assumes he won’t like things!!

Now for the healthy eating part, it is just really hard to balance. I am going to have to do it though because here rolls around another Monday of the promise of eating better and exercising. UGH!!! It just sucks to constantly be battling not only coming up with something to eat but then we have to feed them something healthy! I can hear them now “Mashed potatoes and peas!! No way!! I can’t believe she feeds her kids canned peas!! All that sodium! Oh and the dyes!! No wonder! Shouldn’t she be feeding them the gluten-free/casein-free? After all, he does have autism!”
I laugh at the ignorance most of the time, but sometimes……..Sometimes it pisses me off!!

Of course, I want my kids healthy!! We have rules!! For example, the boys get a small Dr. Pepper on Saturdays for lunch. I am here to tell you too, being overly strict on your kids is not good either!! I grew up with friends whose parents deprived them of things like candy and soda. When they were not with their parents it was like they were possessed!! They could, and would, sit and eat gobs of candy!! I think if you teach moderation it’s not terrible. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is the standard that I raise my kids on “It’s not that terrible!!!” Haha!!!

Now, I know you may wonder how in this world I could care so little about my children to feed them red dye, but remember I might wonder how you care so little about your children that you don’t have the sense to teach them how to behave. At least I can blame the red dye on my child’s behavior! Yours is just a sh*t!! I know that is horrible….hence the name of my blog.
Then, I battle how you know what information is true and what is false! You can’t just take everyone’s word for it.
Me: “Where did you get that information?”
Friend: “I read it online!”
Me: “Oh well then, it has to be true! Wasn’t it the great Abe Lincoln who said “The trouble with quotes on the Internet is that you can never know if they are genuine.”

Give me a break! I try to make the best choices I can at least most of the time. Or, I think I do! But does anybody really even know? Just when I think I am not doing too bad someone post information of the dangers of bottled water and gluten-free baked goods? Really? At this rate, JP is the only one in my house that’s safe with his diet of Kleenex tissues and the leaves the boys drag in on their shoes!!!

Thought I would end on a positive note!! Or at least helpful!! Just make sure you scrub the potato really good!!! It’s delicious!! You can also sprinkle with cheese or, for a healthy alternative, steamed broccoli! But no sense in ruining a perfectly good potato!!
So good & easy!!!

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  1. Matthew birdwell says:

    Ginger I am trying to let my kids grow up the way we did. You and I are fine. Dont tell anyone but I let ny kids have candy. .shhhh don't tell. Someone may call dcs. Plus I don't always make them ride there bicycle with a helmet on.. shhhh remember.. I like your blog though it helps keep me upbeat and know that everyone else has struggles.

  2. gingerfinn says:

    Thanks Matt!! I won't tell!! I think we are doing ok!!! Haha!!

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