Free Education Apps from McGraw-Hill–Better Hurry!!

I love finding great deals on things. Especially things that I can actually use!!

You never know how long these deals last so I would jump on this ASAP!

McGraw-Hill Education Apps

I come across these “Limited Time” free apps all the time and if it looks pretty good, or like something I would use in the future, I will download and then delete it. That way it stays iTunes account but not on my actual device.

As I have said before, we don’t do electronics through the week. (I don’t judge if you do, that’s just what works best for us!) All that being said can lead to some very long nights when the weather is too cold, rainy for too many days in a row, or when they don’t have much homework.

I came up with the idea of a chart where they can earn “Electronic Time” through the week or “extra time” on the weekends either by doing extra chores or good behavior. Sort of like a “I caught you being good” or “I caught you using manners” type concept. The catch is they have to play educational apps or at least apps that make them use some sort of brain activity. All this basically  means is No Youtube videos of other people playing video games!!!

Here is the link: McGraw-Hill Education Apps gone free Feb.17th, 2016

Let me know if it works!!

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