From my point of view…

Tennessee Fans take noteI suppose I should have seen this coming but I didn’t… This whole thing seems like so much of a joke that I don’t even know what’s real and what’s not, so I am going to just dive right in…

My thoughts and mine alone….

What in the hell? I mean seriously how did this happen? I am astounded by the level this has reached and I could can only imagine the Republican Party feels the exact same way… The irony that this piece of shit won… Mainly bc almost none of them had the balls to run against her! In their defense they would have been held by a set of  rules, spoken and unspoken, that did not apply to him. All bc they didn’t want to lose to a girl… I guess I thought we had come a lot further than that…

The word Christian and Trump do not go together…I am sorry and I am not trying to start an argument but until my dying day I will not understand how you can claim that is what you based your vote on… You based your vote on hate. Hate for her and that’s disappointing on so many levels.

Some I didn’t expect any less but the others… I compare it when you are little and you see your teachers as these figures. I mean you know they are people but you never really imagine they have lives outside of school. Flash forward a few years and your like, “Oh! Wait a minute… You mean you eat at restaurants? You have kids and a husband?” But this is even deeper than that. It’s more like years later finding out your teachers are strippers or porn stars… It kinda leaves you feeling sick and a little disgusted… Questioning everything you ever believed… That’s the best way I can describe what it felt like to hear some of you supported him and justified the things he said.

How do I explain this to my boys?  I am over here trying to teach them that everyone is important. To do what is right instead of what feels good. To always help those who have less than you. Not to bully people into your way of thinking. Always play fair. Always be kind. To stand up for yourself, but also stand up for others. That just because someone does something different from you doesn’t mean it’s wrong. I try to teach them humility. To not judge a book by its cover. That your words have consequences. To be respectful of everyone but especially women. And I obviously will still do this until my last breath, but man do I have a mountain to climb.

Some of you should be ashamed… And if you aren’t one of them then I am not referring to you, but do a little freaking research. Don’t just read something and share it for the rest of the world. Whether it be on social media or in person. Hate breeds hate… Think before you talk about certain things in front of young ones… Don’t put so many negative thoughts in their heads… (This issue is a whole other blog topic!)

If you are going to harp on certain things at least hold others to the same standards… While many of you are up in arms over emails and screaming about laws created 200 years ago… Yes they said you had the right to bear arms and protect your families however I believe they were referring to guns that they had to reload with gun powder after each shot! Not AK’s and M16’s!!!  FYI…she never wanted to take your damn guns… I know this falls on deaf ears bc if Sandy Hook alone didn’t make you stop and think then nothing will….

Like many of you who say to the Black Lives Matter crowd “If you’re not doing anything wrong you’re fine! Just do what they say!” Same applies to you with your guns and your right to own them.  Now I don’t want to put words in her mouth, but I am fairly certain she wouldn’t want you to be unprepared for that zombie apocalypse….

How do you defend that he has openly made fun of disabled people and the furthest thing from a Christian but you ignore all that…. “He’s Pro-Life!” It amazes me that people believe everything that comes out of his mouth. Every action and statement he has ever performed (And yes I mean performed) speaks otherwise… He has zero respect for almost every human but you some how believe he cares about an unborn baby?

If abortion was really high on your list someone please explain Scott Desjarlais? I feel dirty just typing his name….

If that is your stance then live it! Be kind to the ones who are already here. Support and reach out to teens and those less fortunate who feel they have no option. Instead of looking down from your pedestal that you have perched yourself on and saying how hard you work to take care of these pieces of shit, maybe you could let it be known, even if only in your small community, that you are there and other options are available. Because I can guarantee they don’t feel it from you now….

Many of you have said you are tired of career politicians and it’s time to make a change, you hate career politicians and everything they stand for, etc. And I get that, but this is the guy you have decided to roll the dice with? It’s like finally kicking that heroin habit but starting meth…

Then we have those who say “Benghazi!” And you couldn’t point out Benghazi on a map if your life depended on it but still you scream it. Because I mean who in their right mind is going to argue about soldiers and diplomats being killed?! This might be the one time Americans are not placing blame on muslim terrorists…

The saying “A few bad apples spoils the bunch” comes to mind but it’s been more than a few this go around. For those who remained respectful, it did not go unnoticed. You made me see a few things in a different light and I am grateful.

I suppose it was the ugliness of this whole thing that has made me feel dirty. The constant jabs and naming calling. The “if you don’t agree with me then I am going to laugh at you and belittle you until you are too cowardly to speak” mentality. Yes, we all have issues that are close to our hearts. Ones that we might stand a little firmer on, but I hope I never lose my way so badly that I can’t even listen to others, sympathize, and say “How can I help?”


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