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So finally I am blogging again! And boy do I have things to say!! But, you will have to be very patient with me because I can’t seem to find the time to sit down and put words together! I am going to set some new goals when the kids go back to school and that is near the top. To sit down alone and write! So, for all 7 of you still hanging with me, here you go…..

Going to start back on nothing but a positive note!!!

Buddy Benches are assembled and out on the playgrounds! I am sitting down with the principal soon to go over a good time to have an assembly at the school for all the children to be well-informed on the concept of what the buddy benches are all about!! We ended up getting to buy three of them because of so many of you guys kindly donating toward this project. I never wanted to post on who actually gave because of fear of leaving someone out, but I honestly can’t begin to thank you all enough!! Big or small, I appreciated each the very same!

Someone spoke on the Today Show the other day and don’t remember the situation the girl was in but she said “When I saw $5 donations, I knew that was from people who didn’t have the money to give, but they gave anyway,” I was so moved by that because that was exactly how I felt about it. Believe me, I know how it is and sometimes you can afford $25 or $50 but sometimes you just can’t. I am personally going to make an effort to still give to a cause even if $5 is all that I can spare at that moment! And a little goes a long way, especially when we all do it!

I have been tossing ideas around in my head about this whole thing and I have come up with a few ideas to get the children excited about this and to actually make it work. I don’t want it to be something that happens and everyone is excited about but then forgotten shortly after. I want something that is taught, maybe by the guidance counselor, throughout the year or maybe find a book that could be read to the kids during library time about the bench. I thought as well if a teacher saw some issues such as kids roaming the playground alone or a new kid comes in they could take the time to explain the benches purpose. Everyone needs a reminder sometimes! If any of you guys have any ideas, please feel free to share. You can private message me if you prefer!
As most of you know, I started this whole project after seeing the idea on the Today Show. It appealed to me because of my Noah’s own struggles on the playground. Noah obviously struggles with the social aspect of life because of his autism diagnosis, but we all know that many, many typical children, for too many reasons to name, struggle at times to fit in or find a friend. I really believe this whole concept, for it to work, starts at home. Teach your children to reach out to those who struggle and to be more accepting to those who are just a little different from you. Teach them to give everyone a chance and not to exclude those who don’t wear the latest brand or struggle in school. Teach them they might be pleasantly surprised at how much they really like someone they didn’t think they would. But, I suppose we all could use these reminders for ourselves………me included.

We recently went to the beach so I will share a few photos from our trip since I don’t have any of the benches just yet!!


JP started saying “boat” while we were there!!


We really had great weather too! Ft. Lauderdale does just such a great job taking care of their beaches!!


The water was as blue as I had ever seen it most of the days!!!


And so calm!


My Wyatt!!


This ship had a small yacht and another boat on it and they looked like toys!!


The boys loved to ride the waves when we did get some small ones!!


JP loved the water!! He really did great with his water wings!!!


Just perfect…..


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