Here I Go Again

So I went to Wal-Mart on a Saturday!! Go ahead and say it, “You’re an idiot!” You are correct….. I am an idiot! To justify going there, I had been to Kroger earlier in the week and I am looking for a certain kind of noodle to make an Asian dish. Of course, I didn’t find them but managed to spend a hundred dollars anyway…. I can walk around that place and have a weeks worth to blog about, but we all have the same gripes. Today, to my amazement, they had a ton of lanes open. (It’s getting close to Christmas) I try to find a bit of humor in my trips there. Like today, I was surprised to learn that Wal-Mart is the ideal place to talk on your cell phone using your Bluetooth headpiece. And why wouldn’t it be I ask you?? Crazy me!! (Please note my sarcasm)  Anyway, so I take Noah because he had gotten a Subway gift card from my sister for his birthday. To say he loves, it would be putting it mildly. He sleeps with the card! So we go to order and I say “What do you want turkey or ham?”. I can see the anxiety start to rise in him and he mumbles something, but I don’t understand him. This is a big problem with him, volume and tone. He talks really low a lot of the time, but also doesn’t speak up in regards to surrounding noise. For example, if they are sitting in the 3rd row in my vehicle, he speaks as though he is right behind me. Every. Single. Time. So, I finally get out of him what he wants, “Five dollar foot long”!! Of course, it’s the “Five dollar foot long”!!! That’s what the commercial says! Well, that and “eat fresh”. He says that every time we pass a Subway or billboard! Again, we are in a situation where I know he would rather have the kids meal with chips and a toy, there is no talking him out of it and I don’t even begin to try. So we get the “$5 footlong” and he is thrilled!! He says, “My brain is telling me it needs food and my brain says it needs a Dr. Pepper”.  He ate half and put shredded cheese on it. I let him. It’s so hard to keep your mouth shut in those situations. And what did it really matter? I don’t know why I try to control those sorts of things. Guess I am learning too…. I  signed Wyatt up for Upward basketball and I am thrilled!! Basketball had always been such a big part of my life and have always thought my own kids would play, but life deals you a hand and it’s just not been in the cards until now. We practice for a month and then the games start in January. Really looking forward to it! Noah didn’t want to play so I didn’t push the matter. I don’t think he could handle the pressure of someone stealing the ball from him or the physical contact. A year or so ago they played soccer. They both did well and had fun! I was a nervous wreck the  entire time for Noah. Bless him. On the last game of the year, he was chosen to do the penalty kick.  As many of you may know, a penalty kick is an unguarded, open shot at the goal with only the goalie in front of you. Well, Noah ran up to kick but when he did he missed the ball and everyone laughed. I was just like “Oh no, don’t laugh!”  Of all things, that really upsets him! Noah got his hand, made his little pointer finger a gun, and pointed toward them! (Deep breaths from this Mama) This day and age that kind of stuff can get you in really big trouble,  so I kinda was freaking out on the inside at least. His coach was great so he smoothed it out and it all ended well, but you get the idea.  Not sure he was ready to take on another sport just yet. Too, Wyatt is playing with a little boy in his class so that will help him be a little more comfortable.  It also helps me if I need to leave with JP or if Noah has a hard time in the gym. Some gyms are really loud and he has a hard time with that. More so, the sudden yelling than the constant yelling (He’s use to that!! Haha!).  Also, he is a bit obsessive with the clocks in a gym and the buzzer.  Don’t be surprised if you see him sporting a set of headphones at the games…. One thing I learned a long time ago, you can never be too prepared.



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