It’s time for the hustle and bustle of the holiday season! And, while I enjoy it, it is also hectic! Read on….


So the dreaded stomach bug has hit our house and no other than my little JP. Bless his little heart! It scared me because  my other two never got a stomach bug that young but he seems to be doing better. Not that anyone loves this kind of sickness, but I detest it!! The smell alone can make me sick. Thankful for a husband who works in the medical field on these days for sure!! If he can see a brain on a daily basis surely he can clean up a little vomit!! My only prayer is that it isn’t passed around. Noah isn’t too bad of a patient. Wyatt is a different story. He is full blown male when he is the least bit under the weather!! Bless him. Or bless the women who falls in love with him!! I, on the other hand, just simply do not have time for it!! I would entertain the idea if I thought I would drop about 10 pounds, but I am the only person in history who could throw up for days on end and GAIN 3 pounds!!!! Friday was supposed to be one of my busiest with awards night for our annual fundraiser at our elementary school. I hate when someone is depending on me and I let them down!! They are all mothers obviously so they understand if anyone does, but still. I have to be the worst volunteer of the year this year!!! I hadn’t anticipated the wrench JP would throw in my life! He goes to Mother’s Day Out one day a week, but it’s hard to squeeze everything into that one day. Thanksgiving week has managed to sneak up on me again somehow. Why is it that even though the boys only go to school this week it seems like the busiest week ever!!!?? I will spend the entire time feeling like I have forgotten something and that the boys teachers, or whoever, were just too polite to tell me!! I am in charge of making the dressing, chicken and dumplings, a chocolate pie, and a coconut pie. I know this seems like a lot but trust me it isn’t!! First of all, the dressing I suppose is the biggest chore because you have to make cornbread first then add the other stuff and bake, but as for the other food I have a secret! Chicken and dumplins……..canned biscuits!! So easy!! I do bone-in chicken breast and use that broth instead of buying it. It’s better to me, although you don’t have to do it that way.  It is a little grosser to deal with the bones!! Chocolate and Coconut pies just like grandma use to make………order them!!! My friend makes them $15 a piece and they taste exactly like what you would imagine the ones on The Help that Minny Jackson made!! (Obviously not the pie she made for Mrs. Hilly but you get the point! (I love that movie!!!)

Hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

He’s feeling better!!

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