If You Don’t Know Me By Now……


I feel like I need to clarify myself before I move forward with this blog thing. A lot of my blogging is about my relationships with my husband (Matthew), my children (Noah, Wyatt, and JP), or my family and friends.

First, my husband!! He really is great. So many people say things about how great their husband is like “My husband is just the greatest! He babysat the kids while I attended my grandmother’s funeral”. WTH? First of all, he is the daddy! He is not babysitting.

Matthew is a wonderful, hands-on daddy. We are a great team and I think that is why we work so well. He helps me with every aspect in my life. (Sometimes too much) Matthew does laundry, the dishes, helps cook, takes care of the kids, the yard, our vehicles, you name it!! Not to say I don’t do any of this he just helps if I am behind, juggling too many things, or plain ole procrastinating!! He doesn’t like to sit around and do nothing which makes zero sense to me!!

Now, all this being said, he still does things that irritate me. (After all, he is male!!) And, let's face it, no one wants to hear how great my husband is!! It makes for a boring story! My point being that while I will complain about him, I would take nothing for him!! (Matthew McConaughey hasn’t called yet)

Same concept, I suppose, in regards to my boys!! The ups and downs are what life is about and boy do we have plenty!! Never a dull moment in this house that’s for sure! Again, if I blogged about how I made the perfect dinner of roasted duck, brussels sprouts, and sweet potatoes and how all 3 of my boys cleaned their plates followed by them cleaning the kitchen, that would be boring! But mainly because I would be a liar!!!!!

My intent is not to embarrass or belittle, it is more to let people in just enough, let them know that normal is just a setting on the dryer.

Rules are thrown out the window most days. For example, kid #3 is lucky if I remember to feed him! Just the other day he ate a tissue and it dawned on me he might be hungry! But, first I had to clean up the mess so got my little Dyson vacuum (One of my best purchases!) out and sucked up the mess!! He still had some all over him so I just stuck the little vacuum to him and cleaned him up!! Easy-Peasy!! (3rd baby rules)

In regards to blogging about my friends, I will not mention anyone by name. Trust me, it’s for the best! Girls are sensitive freaks! No matter what I say or how I say I am going to offend someone at some point, by not using names I think I’ll be able to stretch that time frame out by a couple of weeks. At the least!!

Family, unless they have asked me not to, you are fair game!!

I started this for me. A venting tool of sorts, but also maybe to entertain a bit. (Myself mainly) No specific gender am I writing to. I obviously write from a woman's, or mom's perspective, but I like to consider myself open-minded enough to consider a man's point of view. We are all in this thing together, trying to figure it out! Anyway, like I said, I felt like I needed to get that out there. You never know, of the 7 people who actually read my blog a few may actually not know me...

JP eating tissues! (He's fine mama....)

Sweet boy! 


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  1. Lisa Brockette says:

    Ginger, I think you are one of the most wonderful young ladies I have ever known in my entire life ! You ability to look at life with such humor and laugh instead of cry when things are a challenge is so admirable and I think you bless everyone that you touch ! I Love You not only as family but as a friend !

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