I’m Moving On……


Do you ever have one of those weeks where you just have to throw your hands up in the air and think what in the hell just happened?? Wish you could call a “do over” or at least erase it from your mind for the most part?  I am trying to focus on the positive so we will see how it goes…

Update on the boys…

Noah joined the “Running Club” at school. I am so proud of him! They are doing “Walk across Tennessee” at his school now. It’s a program where they run/walk laps and log their laps into miles accumulated. It’s a really cool thing the physical education teachers lead with the entire school participates. The Running Club is a separate thing. They meet at the school twice a week at 7:15-7:45. He is super excited about it and am so grateful of the PE teachers for giving him this opportunity.

Think I have mentioned to you guys he has moved on to following the NBA. He is a huge Lebron James fan and the Miami Heat in general. He took the NCAA tournament particularly hard. Then baseball started recently and he came home from school and said “Today is opening day!!! The Chicago Cubs, did they win today?” My first thought was “Really?” I told him to follow who he wants, but he was in for a long season if he was going to follow the Cubs!! Bless him!!
Wyatt’s class had Farm Day last week at Hyder Burks Pavilion. This is where the whole 1st grade class learns about agriculture in general. Also a really neat thing! We really are lucky to live in such a great community! When I picked Wyatt up from school I ask him about how his trip went and he said “Good!” I said “Did you get in any trouble?” He stated he did not. (Thank goodness!! Been having some issues there.) I ask him what animals he saw and he told me he saw a zebra!! Bless him! He laughed and said “No, we did see a reindeer though and Santa wasn’t even there!”
JP has been a bit under the weather with these dang allergies. Coughing so much and stuffy nose. The other morning he woke up at 5:30 so I put him in the bed with us. For the next hour and a half, he played with my face and poked me in the eye which sounds sweet but not at 5:30 in the morning! Then, wouldn’t you know, he starts to get sleepy again around the time it’s time for everyone else to get up! I have never been so close to punching a one-year-old in my life!! (I didn’t!!)

He seems better now! Back to all his climbing and exploring! My mama said the other day that it is funny because the other two weren’t like this. Funny is not the word I was shooting for but whatever….

My diet, if you can call it that, is going. I have had two people ask me if I had lost weight lately. (I haven’t.) I almost knew the next thing they were going to ask was if they could borrow money or something! Maybe I have a pound or two! Who knows?

My efforts to raise money to bring a Buddy Bench to Noah’s school has been terrific!! You people are just “good people”!!! If you haven’t donated it’s not too late!! I would love to be able to help put a bench at all the elementary schools!
Many have missed my post about the benches and their concept so thought I would explain. I am wanting to place benches on school playgrounds that say “Buddy Bench” and have an assembly to inform the kids of its purpose.  The idea is to eliminate loneliness and encourage friendships on the playground.  If a student doesn’t have anyone to play with he or she will sit on the bench and, hopefully, a fellow student will then know to ask if he/she wants to join them.
Here is a link to a short article in the Huffington Post (Click here) about the little boy who brought the idea to his school! Such a kind heart in this kid!!



“Time marches on. And eventually you realize it’s marching across your face.” -Steel Magnolias. This quote is becoming all too real! 

                                    This little guy is either keeping me young or sending me to an early grave!!
                                                 Haven’t figured that out yet!!


This is a picture of the benches I am purchasing! They are made of recycled plastic and will last for years with minimal upkeep! That is a big feature in my book! I would hate to see them destroyed after only a few years.

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