Why iPad should not be your babysitter…

Why cutting electronic time is so important….

I often post a lot of pics on social media of my youngest. Yes, I love my other two just the same contrary to what others may think! He is just in my face all the time (and so darn cute!!!) that I take his photo more often. He smiles, laughs, plays, and socializes because that is what he was born to do. That is until we corrupt him with electronics…..

Now for the older two…. They are outside playing today and aren’t calm enough to get a good picture. On days that they are inside, they are staring at an iPad or a video game! And that is not very cute!

Last summer we started with two-hour a day electronic time. Let me tell ya folks……I barely made it through the first week!! Especially those first few days!!! They were like lost, whiny puppies and it was HELL on everyone!

           And then it wasn’t……

Kids (and adults) get so addicted to having those things in their faces it’s like they don’t know what to do. Just the other day I told Noah that it was time to take a break for a while. He did and came into the kitchen, almost walking in circles, and said “Now what do we do?”  Is it easier and calmer when they playing in those things? Absolutely! But they suffer and so do you after time goes on. It isn’t healthy. I know if I have spent too much time on the computer I am in a foul mood. It’s not all bad. I am not saying that at all, though just like everything else, moderation is the key.

Have you ever noticed your child’s attitude if they have played electronics for a long time and they finally take a break that they are moody and hateful? If you say no then you are probably the type of parent who never sees their kid like this and I want you to stop reading and get off my blog!!! (Kidding!) Seriously, we can’t be friends.

For those of you that know what I am talking about, if you cut the time back, I promise you will see a difference. I send mine upstairs or outside and say “I don’t care what you do just go be a kid! Play!” Slowly, they did. That was a good day here at our house!

Side Story….

Last night, at the boys elementary school, they had a family engagement night. The boys had so much fun! At the end of the night, they gave away prizes by drawing students names out of a hat. This is Noah’s favorite part, but it is also a part he struggles with. I prepped him beforehand explaining that not everyone wins, his chances were slim. Honestly, I said “You know how on commercials they say ‘Many will enter, few will win?'” He shook his head yes, so I said “It’s like that”. So, we went inside the cafeteria about ten winners into the drawing, the teacher says, “Noah”. With I swear the longest pause known to man! And then says, “Jones.” My heart skipped and I immediately spun around in my chair preparing for the worst. In a shaky voice and with great disappointment, he said, “That hurt my heart!” I patted him and he was fine but bless him!! Hearing his name had excited him so his heart rate sped up!!!!

This is a picture from last summer after I cut their electronics back. They literally came outside where I was sitting, sat on the step, and stared at the sky!!!! I almost cried!!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I so get wht you are saying. I have felt the same way about my oldest, he is required to play outside, do his homework and chores before he can play anything electronic. Once he gets playing he gets hateful in bothered. He is resentful when he has to quit. I have upped his non electronic time in direct proportion to how hateful he acts with his electronics. He is begining to understand if he is nice and plays with other stuff he can have more game time, and if he is hateful and resentful he gets less game time. It is still a struggle, but I am not giving up or giving in. It is so important that kids know how to be kids, and play and be creative instead of plugged in all the time.

  2. gingerfinn says:

    Good for you!! It isn't easy and often requires me to do more as a parent. Kinda like when you punish them by taking it away it punishes us too!!! LOL!!! Sometimes they give me no choice though. Once we all adjusted to the time limits it was better for everyone. Good Luck!!!

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