The Last Day of Summer:

Guilty Parenting Edition 101

The Night Before School….

So here we are winding this baby down, and I will have to say it really has flown by!! Summer 2016 is over…Well, not really, it actually still has over a month to go but tomorrow it is back to school time in our county with most not too far behind us.

This summer has gone a bit too fast for me. Maybe it’s because we didn’t really take any “big” trips or maybe it’s the fact that they are a bit older and busier with camps and such. Either way, I survived it, with only a few bumps and bruises, a handful of meltdowns, a couple of threats to run away, and one “Nobody cares about me” pity party, and that was just me!!!

This school year is a big milestone sort of year for us! Noah will be starting middle school which means he is attending a whole new school and Wyatt is in his last year of elementary. It blows my mind!

As I have said before, I do my very best not to take for granted this time with them. Every night is me going to bed promising to yell a little less and bend a little more. But I swear to you they must do the opposite. I can almost see them now huddled up:

Ok, so tomorrow, who is going to make endless noises for no apparent reason? You JP? OK! So, who is going to make her repeat herself at least 3 times before they respond? Great! That leaves me with saying her name 56,000 times and I’m really the best at that anyway so I got it covered!! Hey, how many times have they been up the steps to tell us to stop talking? Only once? We are way behind! they have at least two more in them before Mama comes up and we really  have to stop. You guys ready? Let’s do this!!

Maybe that is a bit dramatic, but it doesn’t feel like it most days….

Going to end with one example of why I can’t win at this parenting thing. I pinky promise, I will blog more if all 7 of guys are still around….

My end of summer guilt was nagging me so I texted a neighbor and asked if their little boy could come down to play for a bit. I said they would be playing inside bc of multiple factors with one being that it is right under 1,000 degrees outside! A side note that is relevant to the story is I usually make my kids play outside with friends. Not bc I am particular about my house or anything, but I believe that that’s what kids should do in the summer! Or even if it’s nice out. My point is, Go play!

The whole point to that part is when kids do come inside they have plenty of things to do upstairs. Superhero toys, Nerf guns, Playmobil, Lego, you name the toy, and it’s probably up there! The boy comes and goes straight upstairs just as excited as my three!

Not two minutes goes by, and I hear them coming, led by my middle child who I swear could be leaving the gates of Disney World and would turn and ask, “Can Jack come over when we get home?”  I am at my desk, so I catch him midway down and yell, “What are you doing?” He says, “Coming downstairs…”He says it in a tone that screams “You idiot! Whatever I damn well please…” I simply tell him no and to go play with the thousand dollars worth of toys that sit up there, and they might have to dig around a bit because I am sure they are covered in dust!

I am sure they love my sarcastic parenting comments… 🙂

Tired After One of Their Meetings

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  1. Jill says:

    Always love your blogs. Hilarious. Real. And Genuine. Keep them coming!

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