Llama,Llama, Mean Mama

As I pick up the boys from school Wyatt decides to rip the band-aid really quick by telling me he made another “U” on a reading paper. (FYI, a “U” nowadays is equivalent to an “F in our day) We  have had some issues with his reading. (I’ll get to that another day) I was ticked!!!

Let me go back to the beginning of the day just to give you the full picture. I have slept in the spare bedroom bc I am coughing at night and JP is sick too. He is sleeping in my bedroom propped up on pillows with Matthew. (Poor little guy) Anyway, I am up and going early trying to get the older two fed, dressed, and ready for school. Let alone that we are off schedule because of Labor Day but throw in Cougar Run week and you might as well reserve me a weekend getaway at Plateau Mental Health!!!

JP stays home with me today bc of his cold. He doesn’t have a fever but is stuffy, has a runny nose, a cough, and he just wants his mama!! Matthew text that the boys have a cub scout meeting and need their handbooks for the 6 o’clock meeting. I go get the boys and run to the outdoor store for books. We run home to get some things finished before my hair appointment at 5 o’clock. (I know “poor me” but I haven’t had my hair done since May! It was hideous!!) I load the boys up for them to sit at my appointment until Matthew can get them shortly after 5. Wyatt and Noah get in the car and buckle up. Great! Right? Wrong!!! Wyatt was supposed to wait until I get JP into the car bc it’s much harder lifting him over Wyatt and into the car seat base. He didn’t so I chose not to say anything to him bc frankly I had been on him solid so I thought “No biggie. I got this!” Wrong!!!! As I swing him up into the car I feel a muscle in my back along my rib cage pull!! JP sits resting in his car seat on top of Wyatt’s lap with Wyatt acting like I had just run over him with my car!! We get to my appointment and we are all sitting on the couch waiting for Matthew. He comes in and the boys are thrilled to see him!! “Yay!! Daddy!!! Fun daddy!!!!! Ugh!! I get so tired of that!!! I barely get a grin and he gets back flips!! Anyway, I try to have a 30-second conversation with him about Wyatt and his grades so he can talk to him. He interrupts me and says “We will talk about this when you get home.” Well, I am livid!! I could have absolutely murdered someone! I didn’t. I gritted my teeth and said, in a whisper, “You need to talk to that boy!!”

I get my hair done and vent to my stylist about all my “stuff” and am feeling much better (except my back). Get home and they had been to McDonald’s and a Boy Scout meeting. They walk through the door all happy and Matthew grabs the reading test and says “What are we going to do about this?” like it was the first time he had seen it!!! Now, mind you that I had been away for 2 hours and the topic never came up, but as soon as I am around it’s time to get to the bottom of it!! I had already had two “come to Jesus” meetings with the boy!! I was tapped out!! Why do I have to handle all the “bad stuff”? Just one time I would like to walk through the door and them be thrilled to see me!! I guess that requires being away from them for more than 2 hours but still. I get a sample of it when I pick JP up from Mother’s Day Out. It is the sweetest!!!

Anyway, my main reason for the rant is the “Mean Mom” and “Disneyland Dad” (Thanks, MB) situation and I know I am not alone!! (Am I?) Well, what I do know is we need some balance in this house!!!

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  1. Sara Joe says:

    This is the exact thing that happens at my house! This is a common phenomenon, you are llama llama good mama!

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