Let me start out by saying that I know this a crazy story to believe!! And I swear if I had not seen it with my own two eyes I would not believe it. I might even doubt myself, but Matthew, Nikki (my sister), and Lee (brother-in-law) all saw it too.

I was attacked by a shark!!!!! I know it is crazy and this is where I am exaggerating just a tad because it never bit me, however,  it did charge my husband, brother-in-law, and nephew! Matthew punched at it! Nikki had already made it to the shore and was yelling for everyone to get out of the water. I watched panicked as it headed toward Matthew!! I remember thinking at that moment "It is going to bite him!" but the moment I did, it turned toward me and CHARGED! I ran as hard as I could but being in the water it was difficult. I fell just as I was about to get to shore! Nikki yelled "Get up! Get up!" I managed to get up and it had turned and swam away.

My sister watched it chase me then it  just turned and went back out toward the ocean. It was actually chasing other fish. One little guy swam up onto the sand a bit and then the tide took him back out!!
All this being said it was a nurse shark (I think) and a baby one at that. Matthew guessed it to be about 2 feet long. I know this is an unbelievable story!! I have not quit thinking about it since it happened!! Nikki said, "You could have been on the news!" I don't want on the news!! I had JP on New Years Day and told my doctor that I would hold him in before I went first because I didn't want on the front page of the paper!! I definitely didn't want on national news!!!
Thankfully, I am ok, physically! I already had a crazy complex and finally felt like had conquered it!  When I get in the lake I kick my legs as hard as I can the entire time I'm in there!! And that's because I am scared of a small mouth bass!!! Nikki said, "If it did bite you I don't think it would have killed you or anything. It probably just would have taken your arm." I can always count on her for the positive spin on things!


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