middlechildThe Middle Child… If you look up the term Middle Child in a dictionary I am quite certain you would see Wyatt’s picture!! Thing is, he was a “middle child” before he ever became a “middle child.”

He is funny and kind. He is sensitive and caring. He is helpful and intelligent. He really is so many things…

All of this being said, he is 9-years old going on 19. He is never more attentive than when two adults are having a conversation without him. He is not a fan of silence, if no one is talking, he will make something up before he allows for silence….

Just the other day we were outside, the kids were playing while I was raking leaves. Wyatt, who hadn’t stopped talking since I had picked them up from school says, “I bet if Abraham Lincoln quit school, he wouldn’t have been president…or at least a very good one. What do you think, Mama? I bet he wishes he didn’t go see that play…” I stop raking, look at him, and say, “What exactly did you guys learn at school today?” Seriously…

I couldn’t make this stuff up! A few years back, he says to me one day, “Mama, why did all the presidents die? Like, George Washington? He fell off a bridge. Then one got shot, another took off on a rocket, and then I think one got eaten by a shark. Can we go see their rocks?” Meaning their headstones, this comment came after we had driven to the cemetery where my daddy is buried, so I get the “rock” comment, but the other??? There are simply no words….

I was telling “Wyatt” stories the other day  when my sister and cousin came to visit. They each have 3 kids ranging from 4 to 16-years-old, but for whatever reason Wyatt was sitting in the living room talking to us. (And by talking I mean sitting on the couch taking in every word…. We were talking about random things and I had said something followed by, “You know what I mean?” Of course I was talking to the adults in the room, but Wyatt says, as he walks out of the room, “Hey Mama, I knew what you meant…” And he was serious!!

And I swear he was born this way! A few years ago I was talking to my mom on the phone. We were just chatting away and in typical fashion I was in the middle of a sentence, I stopped for whatever reason and couldn’t remember what I was saying. I said to my mom, “Nope! It’s gone! I cannot remember what I was saying…” Wyatt, from across the room, says, “You were talking about when we….” and finishes my sentence!!

I know what you are going to say, that maybe I should do something special with just him sometimes. He probably feels left out and neglected…” I have tried it! Several times! It usually ends with him wanting to go home or do something else bc he’s bored or “just wants to see what everyone else is doing.”

All the middle children of the world are probably saying “Well, you just don’t understand! No one cares about us!” And to be fair I am the baby in my family, although in my humble opinion, I don’t act like the baby of the family… Maybe you are right, maybe I don’t understand. I do feel like I do a pretty good job of balancing my time between them all. Some weeks are better than most, but it usually balances itself out.

I will be the first to say I spend equal time neglecting all of my children….




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