Mom Brain…

Mom brain is what I have all too often. It’s great, for the most part, I mean we are resilient creatures in that we can juggle 100 things. And pretty darn well might I add! At least most days….

We have a lot of things going on. JP has started crawling. This is my least favorite stage! They are cute but are into everything! Mostly, stuff they shouldn’t be into at all. On top of that, he’s battling an ear ache and has a bit of a cold. I think it’s allergies and he’s teething. He keeps me busy!
Noah is going through a bit of a rough period. Children with autism often have trouble sleeping. It varies just like everything else with autism. Noah’s is mild most of the time, but lately he just can’t turn his brain off. I feel terrible for him because I struggle with sleep too. We now give him melatonin at night and that usually helps. If we travel, sometimes I will give him Benadryl but hate to drug him all the time. Anyway, he’s just in an “out of synch” phase more so than usual. When he’s like this it just gets me flustered. Like I was when he was a toddler. I just want to “fix” it and make it better. It’s just not that simple.
Wyatt is, well,…..Wyatt. Just a typical boy…  He says, “Hey Noah!! Watch this!! I’m going to stare at mama!” Ummmmm! No! You are not!!! WTH?
So, my above statements was all to justify this story I am about to tell.
I text. I text more than I talk on the phone so I usually have multiple conversations going on at once. On Wednesdays, my girlfriends get together and sip beverages for a bit. It’s a good time and it’s only for a few hours. Then we go back to our lives! (Love Wine Wednesday’s) I prefer beer,  we were out at home and I needed to bring a snack so I was going to text Matthew to stop by Kroger. My text stated “Will you stop by Kroger and get me a six-pack of Corona Light and a snack? Going to Wine Wednesday! It’s ______ birthday today!” and hit “send”. Only to freak!!! I tapped and tapped my phone to stop it, but it wouldn’t!! I could feel myself panic and immediately sent a follow-up “Oh no!! Wrong person!!! I’m so sorry!!!” to Noah’s 2nd-grade teacher!!!!!!!!!!!!
I will wait while you take that in……..
She responded nicely. All was “Ok” but still!! By no means do I pretend to do or be something I am not but that is not the image you really want to portray! On top of that, why couldn’t have I for once been drinking wine? I mean, “Could you pick up a bottle of Chardonnay?” sounds so much better! The only thing that puts me at ease just a little is at least it wasn’t “Pick me up a case of Nattie Light”……I’ll keep telling myself that anyway!!

These 3 cuties!!!

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