Let’s do a craft…and other bad ideas-Mom Guilt

Mom Guilt

My “mom guilt” kicked into full swing. I am not sure why I don’t ever remember that when I parent with mom guilt it usually ends badly. Maybe one of these days….

Week one of fall break at our house has been a bit boring. Doctor appointments, hair cuts, and such. Fun, fun but they have to be handled before we leave on a much-needed vacation. Not to mention laundry, car maintenance, and straightening the house so not to come home to a mess.
Let’s not forget the packing!!!! Just for JP and the car is half full. The thing with a baby, it doesn’t matter if you are gone for 3 days or 3 weeks, the packing is about the same!! All but the kitchen sink!

Today, my mom guilt took over so I got out all my paint out for the older two to paint a small pumpkin. I dug out all the supplies! The paint, cups to dip their brushes, a newspaper so not to paint my table, brushes, etc. I sat with them a bit but was up and down a lot because of JP. A 9-month-old and an art project does not mix so I did my best to keep him occupied in his high chair with crackers. Anyway, not five minutes into it Noah was done!!! I was so pissed!! Wyatt did paint a bit longer but finished up a short time later. In his defense, he would have done it all night if someone would sit there with him!

My point to all this is that every time I “try” it seems to go horribly!! Like reading Harry Potter. It is going better now that we are on the second book, I guess. Oh, who the hell am I kidding?? We sat down the other night to watch the first movie, in the first scene an owl was flying through the air,  Noah says “Are there owls in this movie?” I was like “What the hell…..? Did you listen to any of the books I have read EVERY SINGLE NIGHT? The same book you would cry if I tried to skip a night?” Ugh!! I should have known when after I finished reading every night Noah would say something like “Mama, I’m number 7 in class. Harry was number 8 but he is home schooled now and Jackson is #9. She (his teacher) just skips 8 now. She shouldn’t do that, right?” I get up and start looking around the room because I am certain Ashton Kutcher is going to jump out and yell “Punked”!!!


Pumpkin Painting


All of this for less than 10 minutes of decorating…..

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