My biggest fear….

I go to Kroger on a Saturday night to do most of our weekly shopping. Yeah, I know, you’re jealous of my exciting life and I am sorry if it seems as though I’m bragging, but it is what it is!! Anyway, all is great until I reach the baby aisle. This is the aisle that I spend the most money and the most time usually picking out the select fruits and veggies for JP and also counting and sorting for coupons.

As I head down the row I see it. I didn’t want to, but there was no denying it. Out of the corner of my eye, like a bullet… was definitely a mouse. The really, really dark gray kind. I stopped dead. What was I gonna do? I stood there talking to myself just saying “Oh my God! Oh my God!” Just then a lady started down the aisle so I figured this is my chance. Safety in numbers was my only logic! But it ran back across!!!!!!!! I thought I was going to have to leave, but I had to get the food and Matthew just wouldn’t understand it!! Especially JP’s food! Matthew had already fed the boy Prunes for breakfast and lunch!!!! He said “That was all the fruit he had left” The boy can’t eat a vegetable for lunch?? I was not going to be one diaper duty the next two days!! (Another story)

I had on flip flops so I had to march. Literally, march!!!!! So there I stood, marching in place, picking out baby food faster than humanly possible!! Nothing short of taking my arm and raking it into my cart and got out of dodge!!!!!

My sister calls me while I am in the store and I think “Yes! What other person in this entire world could understand but her?” I answer and start telling her the story. She, of course, says, “Get out and get out now!” I am telling her “I froze!! I would have been less terrified if it had been a mountain lion!” She says, without missing a beat, “I know! But, at least with a mountain lion you stand a chance! With a mouse, they are just so fast!”. We die laughing but have never been so serious!!!

My best (or worst) mouse story is from high school. The winter of 1996. It had snowed so we were out of school for a few days and I had been at my daddy’s house all weekend. The roads were pretty bad so he had driven me to basketball practice the days prior and my car had sat in the driveway for a while. I decided that the roads were clear enough for me to drive myself so I cranked my car and took off down the by-pass. I had about a 15-minute drive bc I was at my daddy’s and he lived in the neighboring town. Then it happened……..a mouse ran out from underneath my passenger side seat, looked at me, and ran back in!!! I freaked!!! The only thing I could do was to press the pedals with the tips of my feet and I did a U-turn and went back to daddy’s. I went in and  told him what happened. He never hesitated. He put his shoes on, drove me to practice, and turned around to get me two hours later. That is one of the many reasons why I have always been a daddy’s girl I suppose.

Anyone else have a crazy mouse story? I would love to hear them!! They are like horror stories I like to retell around the campfire!!!

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