My name is Ginger and I am addicted to TV!!!!

My favorite tv shows….2013

I love Fall Television Premiere Week!!!

I mean where to begin? The anticipation is about to get me! I will tell ya if not for Tivo I couldn’t juggle them all!!

Save the lecture!! I know I should “turn the tv off”, I know I should “disconnect my DirectTV”, “Reconnect as a family”, Yada, Yada, Yada!!! It ain’t happening!! Just to justify my actions I will tell you that we do not watch any of our shows until the kids are quietly in their beds. Obviously for more reasons than one but mainly bc they will interrupt!!

My favorite is Homeland on Showtime. (If I have to pick one!) It is great! It’s like going to see a really good movie at the theater every Sunday night! I would highly recommend starting from season one or you will be lost.

I also love, Shameless!! (Thanks, Mere!!) It is great!! The acting is so good! (LOVE Joan Cusack!!) Nurse Jackie is really good too!! Showtime is where it’s at as far as TV goes!! And although Dexter is not as good as it once, but I still love it!

Excited about Grey’s Anatomy too! I still think it’s a really good show!! They are like my family now!!

Love me some crime shows too!! Not all of them. Some are just too cheesy. Like the old CSI:Miami! Ugh!! That guy made me want to punch him! The worst lines ever! He would show up at a crime scene and his partner would go “You’re late” and he would say something like “Well, as long as I’m not late to dinner…” (I totally made that up obviously, but you get it??) HATE IT!! But, love me some SVU and Criminal Minds!! Last season’s finale of SVU had me so upset!! I love Mariska!!

And finally Parenthood. This show is soooo good. Love the autism aspect, but mostly just love the family!! It does open up “my world” to everyone! The show always makes me cry like a baby! Very high on my list!

Sons of Anarchy, Breaking Bad, and The Walking Dead I love too!! They are cable shows (F/X and AMC) All really good! I know what you are thinking…… a biker show, a show about meth, and a show about zombies…..No Thank You! Sons is great if not for Jax alone!! Kinda reminds me of Sopranos but a biker gang instead of the mafia. All 3 of these shows I played catch up on during off seasons. Well worth it!! Oh, almost forgot! We started watching The Bridge on F/X. It’s good if you like crime/suspense type shows!!

Now, hold up!!! I know what you are thinking!! “You watch ALL those shows?” And the answer is “YES!!” And the sad thing is I am sure I am forgetting some!! If you have any you recommend I want to know! Love good television!!

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