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It’s funny what a picture can paint. Not that I don’t have it pretty sweet!! Just not THAT sweet!!!! Ha!!

Watching Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer!


Watching Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer!

I hesitate to post pictures of things like this because it paints a portrait of perfection. I guess I shouldn’t say that. It was perfect…..for about 15 seconds. Then JP just wanted to climb on everyone and Wyatt was complaining he was hurting him. (Really?) We paused the television show for more minutes than it’s played for various reasons. Someone had to pee, someone had to finish entering a code (Guess who?), JP ripped Wyatt’s scarecrow he made in class, etc.
It might even be comical, or at the very least, entertaining if I hadn’t been home with Wyatt all day. He threw up once last night and has been fine ever since, but I couldn’t, in good faith, send him to school anyway. This day, mind you, was my day to get things done with JP going to Mother’s Day Out. But, it is what it is so he stayed home with me and we lounged around. Wyatt is not my “lounge around” kid, however. Now don’t get me wrong, he is my laziest kid. He does most things with half an effort if I don’t stand over him. He is the kid who always has to be talking or be in the middle of something! (Mainly, things that are none of his business)
For example, the other day he had basketball evaluations for the upcoming season. We walk in the house afterwards and we both sit down to eat at the bar and I proceed to ask Matthew how JP was while I was gone. Matthew tells me and Wyatt, without missing a beat, ask in a very matter of fact way, “How was Noah?”. I just drop my fork in mid-bite and I proceed to tell him he needs to take care of Wyatt and I will take care of the rest!!
Back to tonight, we finally wrapped up Rudolph before small war broke out. Noah starts to get wild so I get on to him. He doesn’t like this at all so he says “You know what I am going to do to you”. And he proceeds to get the Toys R Us flier he’s been carrying around for two weeks and pretends to saw off his foot!!! This might alarm some of you but don’t let it. Noah has a hard time expressing his feelings. I also know what you are thinking in that he doesn’t have a hard time at all expressing his feelings!! He told me exactly how he felt!!!! Haha!!
He would get mad at me and tell me he was going to put me in the washing machine!!! He’s told me he was going to call my mama!! He has said that his brain is rotten and he needs to get a new one. (This one really hurts my heart) But you get the idea!  So they are all in bed but not without raising my voice. Which is something I promise each night to stop doing.  It just never seems to not go without an argument or two, and not without having to go back and look for a lost flashlight, a sales flier (Noah sleeps with them) or the Subway gift card!!!

I am finally alone, at least alone downstairs and until Matthew gets JP to sleep. I take that back! I did shower alone today! Although even that involves getting someone “fixed” first. I asked Wyatt if he would be ok downstairs by himself while I took a shower and he shook his head “no”. I sarcastically ask if he wanted to lay in my bed and play the iPad until I finished. So that’s what he did……

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