Procrastination at It’s Finest…..


So I said I was starting this blog by the end of the week and here it is Saturday!! At least it’s not Saturday night is my justification! (More on that later)
Anyway, I sit here in the floor Indian style (or criss cross apple sauce for all you political correct folks) trying to get something, anything out there!!!
I have thought about writing a book for so long but it has always been a dream. Like seeing someone you know do something really fantastic, wonderful and you are so happy for them but a little envious at the same time. Whether it is running a marathon, starting a company with just an idea and turning it into something wildly successful, losing that 15 lbs (who am I kidding it’s 30 lbs), or just living without worrying so dang much!!

What I have slowly come to realize is that “they” are no different from you and me. They just did it instead of talking about it! So that’s what I am doing today! No matter what comes out on here!!!
My blog name is still a work in progress so bear with me. I may keep it or at least tell you the meaning behind it soon enough.  I’m also very uneducated about the blog world so I’m sure I will have lots of changes. I am the type to dive right in and read the instructions after. Not good, but it’s how I roll.
That’s it for now!!! Stay tuned….





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