Put me in coach, I’m ready to play.

I can’t believe I am saying this, but it kinda pisses me off that people are criticizing Nick Saban on his coaching of Saturday’s game against Auburn. I know, I know Tennessee fans, go ahead and pick yourself up off the floor!!
Seriously, if he would have gone for the hail mary and not made it, you would have had all of these Monday morning quarterbacks telling you he should have kicked the field goal. People say with such arrogance and ignorance “We just got outcoached” C’mon! Really? Is that what you think it is genius??
I would love to sit at people’s work and critique them like they do a coach. Go to work with a surgeon, “You used glue to sew that guy up? That’s never going to work! I always use staples. What a dumb ass”. Work for a landscaper, “Why do you cross cut? Any idiot in America knows grass doesn’t grow good like that!!” How about an accountant, “Do you use Microsoft money? I would have used Quicken. Any idiot would know that…” You get the idea.
Everyone with the least amount of knowledge has an opinion when it comes to coaching. Throw in the fact they have a child playing and you might as well hand them the whistle!! The worst part about that is they do this in front of their children so the child is taught not to respect or listen to their coach. It’s just not good.
To be honest, that’s why I got out of coaching. It’s ridiculous and only getting worse. I know more than my share of folks who think they could out coach Pat Summit and give Michael Jordan pointers on how to improve his game. It’s exhausting!

Don’t get me wrong, I love the banter and jabs that go along with the competition and rivalry. It’s funny. Although, as a Tennessee Volunteer it hasn’t been as fun in recent years!! I enjoy the other teams with their witty signs and comments. My favorite from Saturday was after the Alabama loss to Auburn someone posted on Facebook, “Breaking news….thousands hurt after jumping off the Alabama bandwagon!!”. Classic!!!!
Anyway, the game is on, I’m out.

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