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Industrial Shelf

Don’t you love a good hack? I have tried so many hacks that I have run across online, but this one is one of my favorites!  I have finally had the opportunity or made the time one, to finish several DIY projects around the house I have been doing for longer than I care to admit! My friends have to be thrilled I finally did it so maybe I will shut up about them!!

I love me some Restoration Hardware!  That being said, my bank account does not, so I have to compromise here and there.  My first DIY project, and the one most people want to know about is the Restoration Hardware inspired shelves!  The best part about it was that they were super easy and turned out great!

The blog I got them from is called Seventh House on the Left.  Click on it to visit her site!! She has several cool projects, but this was something I have been wanting a while I just finally stumbled upon her simple instructions and could not be more pleased. I did tweak a few things for different reasons, but nothing major and all a matter of preference.
I started with this smaller project to see how it would turn out but plan on doing a whole wall system very soon! Hoping it goes as smoothly as this project! I am building a desk to go with it so hopefully it will work out.
My major advice points would be to make a list before going to the hardware store! No matter what you do, you usually have to go back to the store for something!!
Obviously the stain is a matter of preference, so if you want to change that go for it! I did several different things before trying what she said which happened to be what I was looking for. One thing I did differently was cut my boards shorter than she did. This was just because I had a narrower wall to work with.
List of materials I used:
3—2×10 boards. I purchased the Top Choice and had the guy at Lowes cut them so they would be perfect. Inspect the board you pick out so it is not warped. I didn’t mind in imperfections bc it adds character. I did sand down the corners and ends just bc it looked  better to me. You will have some left over which I am going to use for something else.
Minwax Prestain
Minwax Stain-  Special Walnut is the color I used.
Foam brushes–these are cheap, so I bought about 8 of them.  I had to do things in different intervals and once they dry they are no good. You can use a lint free cloth, but the foam brush is very good to get the stain down into the wood. (Dollar Tree has packs of 8-10 for $1)
1 can of Denatured Alcohol–this removes the stain if you mess up!! Precautionary only, but good to have on hand!
As for the hardware part:
A box of toggle Bolts and screws. Think we used about 3-inch ones but I will have to double check.
6—galvanized 10 inch long of 3/4-inch pipes
6—3/4-inch pipe flanges (These are the circle things the pipe screws into 🙂 )
6—3/4-inch pipe caps
2 cans of Rust-oleum Textured Spray paint-Aged Iron
2 cans of Rust-oleum Flat Black Enamel

Some things to keep in mind just to save yourself a headache:

  • If you use them in your bathroom like I did, make sure it is mounted high enough so that when you sit down you do not bang your head! If you don’t have room for 3 shelves, I think 2 of them look great too!
  • We used tape, like she suggested, to mark where we wanted them just to get a visual first. Very helpful!
  • When mounting the shelves try to find a stud! At least on one side. On the other side, we used toggle bolts that worked great!
  • As for the staining process, do the pre-stain. It only cost a few dollars and looks so much better! I did a sample of each, just to see, and it was worth it!
  • Also regarding the staining, do it in a place with low humidity! It will not dry if it is really humid. This time of year it is hard I know!
  • If you do mess up in the staining process you can always sand down and start over! Be careful though in that you want to keep the board level. In my case with the stain not drying properly, I could not sand so I had to use the denatured alcohol. Use gloves with it!
  • When spray painting make sure you keep at least 10 inches away to keep it from running. The textured spray can go quickly so that is why I say buy 2 cans. I had to go back and get more!

Starting process!! You can use a piece of sandpaper and just put a little effort into it. I got this sander for my birthday and love it!!

The anchor or toggle bolts that we bought.

You can buy whatever you prefer. This is the size we choose to use and was recommended.

Put all of these together BEFORE you spray them and make sure they are good and dry before applying different coats.

The key to a good spray and staining is patience, which I do not have, but necessary for a smooth, no-drip finish. Also, the temperature and humidity is a big deal when it comes to drying.

                                          I absolutely LOVE the color these turned out!!
                                         Finished product!!!! I do have to touch up the screws a bit! Since they were already in the wall, I spray some paint on a paper towel and touched up with a Q-tip.
Finished Product!!!

                                         Finished Product!!!

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