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Pet peeve #233……

Car line Parents: You aren’t the only person in a hurry!!

No matter how long the line is at drop off it rarely ever takes longer than five minutes to wait, drop off, and pull through the car line at school. Still, you have these parents who are so self-absorbed, so disrespectful of school rules and of fellow parents that they do whatever the hell they want to do every single morning and afternoon. The school even sends home a note addressing the perpetual offenders and they might follow the rules two days before they are back to their old ways. That’s if they ever stopped. The note even touched on following rules and being good examples for your own children,yada, yada. And, still nothing!!!

This runs all over me! What makes you think that your time is any more important than mine? These people also know that they will probably never be “called out” on their crap so they do not care. These are also the same people who, if called out, would get mad at the teachers, other parents, or administration! This makes zero sense to me! Wonder what kind of people their children will become? (Please note the need for sarcasm font here!!!)
Someone recently had the audacity to pull up beside my husband, who was waiting in the line, and say “Why would you pull right in front of me?” Matthew said, “It was my turn to go so I went.” The man, with his entire family in the car, said, “You saw me pulling in and you went anyway!” Matthew calmly said, “I guess it wouldn’t happen if you waited in line like the rest of us.” The man drove off, parked in a spot, got his kids out of the car, and pushed them in the back to cross the road in front of the car line with everyone waiting!!
I think they should treat these type people how they treat people who have returned checks. Take photos of them breaking the rules time and time again and post it in front of the school. I am pretty sure that would stop them!!
Then you have the parents who wait in car line and THEN get out of their cars!! They put backpacks on their kids, hug and kiss them good-bye, and finish their homework!!! You need to get that stuff settled before hand! Just my two cents anyway….
This is going to piss some people off as well, but I think they should eliminate walking kids into school every day. This causes so much chaos. Now, I know there are always exceptions to the rules. I walked Noah into school for a short time and sometimes at the beginning of the school year just to get him accustom to his class. When he started Kindergarten I walked him in because I had dropped him off one day and the door closed before he could grab it from the next person, he panicked and ran back toward my car!! It scared the crap out of me!! I know there are always exceptions and circumstances. But, every day? No, I think it’s time to cut the cord.
Though, these people aren’t breaking any rules I suppose. Parents are in and out for the most part. I guess I just do not understand those who believe that they are more important than others. Regardless of what kind of time you spend volunteering, regardless of the money you give, regardless of what kind of title you hold, regardless of what your last name is, you are no more important than anyone else. Follow the rules!!

“Don’t worry that children never listen to you; worry that they are always watching you.” ~ Robert Fulghum

                    This is my Noah.  A major rule follower! He did this hundreds of times one day at the local public pool we visited last year. He “Entered backwards”, swam to the side, climbed out, read the sign, and repeated. Think we could all learn a thing or two from this guy!!

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