“School’s Out for Summer”


I know I am probably down to 5 readers from my 7 seeing that I haven’t blogged in so long!!! My only excuse is that my children have taken over. Not just my life, but my brain!! Literally, I feel like they suck my thoughts out of my head. I have found the only time I am able to come up with topics or just thoughts, I am in the shower or my car. Now, if I come up with a solution on how to get to type during these times my blog time might double. Not to say it will be worth reading, but still! At this very moment, I am typing with one hand because JP fell and hit his chin on Wyatt’s head. (Don’t even ask!!) Of course, he cried so Matthew hands him to me naturally!
I told someone the other day that I thought I needed an assistant. Just someone to follow me around and tell me what I am supposed to do or what I was going to do. It’s borderline embarrassing, but I have become so use to it that I usually just go with the flow. Trying to scramble with all the end of the year stuff that is all just half ass while I yell at my kids about doing things half ass. It’s all just a pretty circle of life if you think about it! I still get a laugh at what kind of person becoming a parent makes you!!
Honestly,  I am surprised my kids are functioning people most days. The other night we were doing our nightly routine and I say to Matthew “Should I fix JP some milk?” He says, “He might need some dinner?” Really??? Totally forgot to feed him! (He’s fine Mama!)

Our house stays crazy! Matthew is a huge help. I am not just saying that. (I rarely sugarcoat anything) That being said, for all of those ladies that know, I still do the majority of it all. By “all” I mean so much of the mental stuff. The situating, the planning, the when, where, how, and why of life, basically! For all five of us! I selfishly bathed the other night. (Crazy I know!!) I wasn’t up there 5 minutes and Matthew brings JP  to me and says “Don’t freak out, but….” I am like “What?” Clearing the glass, I see my little one covered in blood! Matthew proceeds to tell me he pulled a barstool over on top of him. It was just a small little spot but bled awful! We were lucky this time! This kid, I am telling you, doesn’t stop so it’s just a matter of time before he does something else.
Speaking of not stopping, I have had my kids for two whole days now and I am exhausted! I didn’t do a whole Facebook salute to my kids teachers, but I should have! I had a good “come to Jesus” meeting about two hours into the first day with all three of my kids. JP didn’t have a clue, but it made me feel better! I swear when I win the lottery these people are at the top of my list! How do they do it? Any of it amazes me, but the repeating yourself would do me in. I would be on the news I know it! Especially toward the end of the year!  The headline would read “Teacher gives instructions to the class after one student asked what they were supposed to do,  she walked right out to never be heard from again. Tonight at 10……” And I only have three that I manage during a day!
So , for all of you who have announced to the world how thrilled you are to “get your babies home for the summer” let’s not get bent out of shape and wrinkle those forms you are filling out to the 16 summer camps yours are attending! I love my boys! I love them so much I am determined to make them into respectful, polite, loving, real, honest, fun-loving, fair, clean (sorta) individuals!!  We have to work out all the kinks before we get to smoother sailing around here. Or so I hope….
I suppose I will wrap this up. The good news is that we have made it through the first week with no real injuries or meltdowns! Going into this holiday weekend with positive thoughts and hoping I am not justifying that it is “5 o’clock somewhere” before Matthew gets home!!!

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