Semi-Charmed Life

Social Media Perception vs Reality

        One day over the summer I posted a picture of a cherry tomato on my Instagram account I had grown because it was pretty and was so proud of the little guy. A friend commented “How do you find the time to do all you do?”.  Let me explain that this friend that commented does not know me very well. We have hung out some and have some mutual friends but we aren’t close but it made me think!!
      Am I putting out the persona of a “Super Mom”? Could it be? Do people really think I am “on top of everything” in my household? So, I have set out to clear some things up!!
       Of course to anyone that really knows me outside of Facebook, Instagram, my kids school, through other people, etc. know that controlled chaos describes my life a bit better.
Here’s a peek:
        Wyatt just brought home a 3rd notice (Could be more.) for a field trip consent and money. It’s $7 dollars and a signature that has completely slipped my mind.  I saw the first notice. I remember, but I swear it seems like ages ago!! I saw it and thought “I got two weeks for that. I’m good!” Nope! I always remember at the most inconvenient times!
       We’ve been in our house since March and JP’s room is still half-finished. Pictures are just propped up against the walls in the hallways. Wires are still dangling from every electronic device we own. Picture frames still have that fake picture in them from the store. Tons of cloths that need put away!!  Totes are still stacked in what is supposed to be our dining room for that yard sale that I am having soon.
      Mornings at our house are just exhausting! Shout out to you working moms!!! I can’t imagine getting myself and JP ready on top of everything else. Granted, most of you fix that problem by getting up earlier to get everything done, but not here!! Sleep is a priority! And, the way I look at it, the earlier you wake them the more time they have to suck the life out of you! JP is always happy in the mornings so that’s nice. He does however require a lot of attention. (Of course he’s 8 moths old what did I expect?) Noah is either A.) Really dragging. Crying about everything. Indecisive. or B.) Nonstop talking. Off task. Loud. Bouncing off the walls. Wyatt, he just follows suit.  I am determined to find a solution though!!
     Every week I vow to start eating better. This week was no exception. Yet, everyday I have had a Pepsi first thing in the morning (not much on coffee). I’m figuring as long as I don’t add a splash of Jack it can’t be that bad, right? .


I have more than that one picture to hang on the wall!! LOL!

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