Another Exciting Day of Vacation: Shark Encounter #2

Shark Encounter and A Birthday Boy

        Noah’s 8th birthday!! He has requested IHOP “to eat the waffles with berries like the commercial says”. I told him that there was no better way to ruin a waffle than to slap some fruit on it!! He does not appreciate my humor in these situations…
      He also wants to eat Subway for lunch so he can “Eat Fresh”. I’m thinking it might be a good idea to ban commercials or any other kind of advertising for a while. My sister got him a Subway gift card for his birthday and he has slept with it every night we have been on vacation! As he was going to bed he told me that he was going to get up at 5am since it was his birthday. I told him IHOP doesn’t open til 8am so their was no need in that. I wonder how much longer I will get away with lying to him about things like that?
      That is one thing no one tells you about becoming a parent! What a liar you become!!  Whatever works is what I say!
      We have had a great fall break!! Ft. Lauderdale really is a beautiful place. Matthew’s great aunt lets us stay at her condo and it really is gorgeous. She is a “snow bird” and lives in Indianapolis half the year and down here the other half. I can’t imagine leaving this place though! Perfect really!
        One year we came down here and Hurricane Katrina hit while we were here. The condo sits maybe a 100 yards from the ocean. This is perfect unless a hurricane hits. Katrina was only a category 1 when it touched land but it was rough!! Scary! I am a chicken when it comes to storms anyway! The wind was horrible and for so long. It blew the sliding glass doors off its tracks!  We got a mattress and propped it up against them. Matthew held it forever but it got to be too much. I was 7 months pregnant with Noah so I was terrified. Anyway, we made it out safe. Luckily it happened toward the end of our trip but definitely an experience!!
       This year has been eventful to say the least!! Today’s shark and sting ray sighting has really taken it out of me. Beautiful day other than that. The water was crystal clear! Matthew had taken the boys out kayaking a little ways out and we were all on the shore when I spotted it. I saw a dark spot in the water and ask Matthew what it was. I had initially thought it was seaweed but it was moving way too fast. He got in a little to check it out and it was just a stingray. But it was HUGE!!
     I am doing my best to not freak out and wouldn’t you know I look and there it was…. I say “THAT is a shark!”. And it was! I couldn’t believe it.  A big one at that! And when I say ‘big’ I mean about 4 ft. It glided through the water just like you would think it would. So calm like. Very eerie feeling!!!
        Matthew is getting on my last nerve!  He thinks I am being ridiculous because I won’t let the kids back in the water. I just can’t!! I did after the first sighting but feel like my mother of the year award would be in jeopardy if I let them back in at this point!!
      He said “Ginger, sharks are not going to bite you”. I hear it all the time. His argument was that bears are more dangerous than sharks. This was just a stupid argument in my opinion. I mean you don’t hear on TV every other day of bear attacks! And, if someone told me a bear was hanging out in the woods behind my house I’m not going to send my boys out there to play!!!
        That’s all I can type about that. It makes me so mad that I may go in there and wake Matthew up just to get my point across!
      We went swimming in the pool this afternoon. Matthew hit his head on the steps really hard and scraped it. (I did not laugh)  I did tell him that it would hurt really bad if he got back in the ocean with the salt water and I thought this was God’s way of telling him to not get back in the water! He laughed like I was the stupidest person alive!! (He’s the moron that hit his head)
      Later we walked down to where the ships go out and the seaweed was awful.  Just a few hours before it had been crystal clear. Again I told him it was God’s way of telling him to stay out!!  We will see how tomorrow goes….

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  1. I totally agree with you Ginger and you made and excellent point about the bears. Well written.

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