Spoiled and Entitled Generation

Spoiled and Entitled.

With the next generation, it will never be enough…

I have never been known to keep my opinion to myself, although I do try my best to remind myself, just because that is not the way I do things doesn’t mean it’s wrong.

I remind myself of this, more times than I care to admit when I judge, if even if only in my head… In fact, I often use it in an argument or disagreement with Matthew. “Just because I do it differently than you, doesn’t mean I am wrong”  

Now, all that being said, read on…..

So this is the topic I am going to address……..Easter Baskets!! What the crap? I mean really people? I have had various conversations and have seen multiple Instagram or Facebook post of kids Easter baskets and I am floored to say the least. People go on and on about how Christmas has gotten out of hand and I couldn’t agree more. In fact, I will admit myself to over spending, but I was really taken aback this time around.
Where does one draw the line? How do you top yourself the next holiday? At some point, do you have to say enough is enough?  But, by the time you realize you have done too much it’s usually too late. Then, all of a sudden, you have a 14-year-old who is pissed because you got him a Dell laptop instead of an Apple. Or a stomping mad 10-year-old who is flipping out because she wanted Under Armor head to toe instead of Nike. What are you teaching them? That happiness is in a logo? That joy is in spending money?
To me you are teaching them a “high”, much like a drug, that they will never reach. Once they get whatever it is they think they want in their hand, it’s over. Once they are seen in that outfit, they want another one to feel/fill that “need”  again.

Let me say, I get it. I am somewhat of a name brand whore myself, I know that. My point to all this is to make even myself realize when to say when. The bigger picture to it all, I suppose, because there are consequences to everything we teach or model for our children.
These same people grow up and do not understand why they can’t go out and just buy these things. They do not understand the concept of wanting something and eventually getting it. The key word here is eventually!

A good example is college kids today. When I was in college we lived on Totino’s pizza and Ramon noodles, made Taco Bell runs for under $5 that fed three of us! Our beer choices were nickel drafts and which flavor of Boone’s Farm was our wine list! (Or so I’m told…)  These days kids are drinking Stella or Dos Equis and are bigger wine snobs than Hoda and Kathie Lee!! These are the same people who graduate from college with credit card debt larger than their actual college loan debt. It’s not a good foot to start your life. There is no such thing as a starter home or clunker of a car that got you through college. It’s all or nothing for these people and more often than not it’s going to be nothing!  Eventually at least…
And to think it all started with an over the top Easter basket……




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