Taking Compliments…

I am the worst at taking a compliment!! By no means do I get them all the time but still. This is something I believe many people struggle with, but I am horrible!!!! I will avoid them at all cost!! Which is a bit crazy if you think about it!! For the life of me, I don’t know how to correct it!! (I think I’ve even googled it) Does anyone else feel this way?

My “go to” is to crack a joke, but sometimes it just makes me look like an idiot!! Why can’t I just say “Thank you” and be on my way? I think actually receiving it is the hard part. Accepting it. It flat out deflates me!  Ridiculous, I know!!

After I had JP, people would say “You look great!” and to that I would say “Well, you haven’t seen me naked!”. I mean, who says that?  But still it was the truth.

I was talking to a friend the other day and she said that she is terrible too. (So I am not alone!! Yay!) If she receives a compliment she will immediately tell that person something bad about herself.  I think this is universal actually.

Why is it so difficult? Why can’t we just say “Thank You!” and be on our way? I am not unlike my friend in that I will say something imperfect about myself. For example, people will say “You are such a good mom!”. I immediately tell that person “That the boys have had the same jeans on for two days in a row because I am so behind on laundry. We have been home a week and my bags are not unpacked. We are just digging the clothes we need out of them!!”. (I could go on)
I really do appreciate people’s compliments! I do want people to know that much, but I am in no way fishing for them. (We all know the type!!)

My family was featured in a local magazine, Naynoo. (If you haven’t seen it, you should pick one up!! Or ‘like’ them on Facebook!! Always fun, informative articles!!
I really didn’t think about how much this was going to kick open the door for compliments! I was discussing this with a friend and she told be to just accept and embrace it!! So that is what I am going to try and do!!!

Last night the five of us went to a local restaurant for dinner and were seated next to a table of 10 college age girls. Matthew had a weird look on his face and whispered “They have the Naynoo magazine”. Then it dawns on me again “What if complete strangers say something to me? Am I going to babble like an idiot?” (Probably!) Thankfully, my kids were very well behaved. Noah did not announce that “He did not like Spanish people!!” this time, I only had to tell Wyatt to get out from underneath the table once, and nothing was said!!  Except for the usual cheese dip I dropped all over my chest, it was a success!

SIDE NOTE: We couldn’t eat at a Mexican restaurant for the longest time because Noah would say he didn’t like Spanish people. Finally got out of him that he didn’t like it because he couldn’t read or understand the language!! Very embarrassing, however!!

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