Taking It All In….

We are winding down this school year and I swear I don’t know how this happens so quickly. It’s just unbelievable how time slips away. Like everything else, I had the best of intentions for this year but have really been rather useless. I didn’t take into consideration how much JP would throw a wrench into our lives. Obviously, it’s been good just finding the balance I suppose. It’s hard juggling it all, as most of you know, and we are often our own worst critic. But still…..

We live so close to the boys school that I agreed to host one of the Easter parties. After that party wrapped up, I then walked over to a neighbor’s house for the other party. (And by walk I mean I drove……it was UPHILL!!!) All three of them had their parties on the same day around the same time so I missed JP’s. When I told someone I was going to miss his party they made a sad face. I was like “Yeah! That helps!!” No, I went into all my justifications as I always do. Saying that I miss all kinds of things the older two have and this was their turn, yada, yada. I also stated that so many parents do not get to attend hardly anything bc of their jobs so I most certainly do not need to complain!!
I recently attended a wedding shower over the weekend that was just unbelievable. The house was enormous but also stunning! It literally looked as though my Pinterest account threw up in it!! We pull into the driveway and one of my girlfriends said “Where is my pink lemonade?” I said “Oh yay!! I hope we get a puppy!!” Bridesmaids reference if you didn’t know. Just gorgeous!
Ok back to my point, I got to chatting with this lady who was holding a baby. It was her grand baby actually. She was over the moon with the little guy! I’m not going to lie, I often steer clear of kids in settings where I don’t have mine. No offense or anything, I’m just tapped out by that time. My friends had struck up a conversation with her and commented on the baby so I felt obliged to join in.
Although this will be hard for most of you to believe but I am quite shy. I didn’t know very many people there so I kept tight to my crew!! The lady’s daughter came out and joined us. She, being the wise grandmother type, began to tell us how to cherish every moment, how fast it gets away, and everything short of breaking into Kenny Chesney’s song “Don’t Blink”! One of my girlfriends had told the woman I had a little one so she was kind of talking to me and her daughter. I told her I try my best, but it’s almost impossible to take it all in. You try to remind yourself, yet this just puts more pressure on you to “not take it for granted” and “cherish every moment”! It’s a lot of pressure!! I am pretty sure the woman regretted even entertaining me with her wisdom… And, just like everything else, I had already blurted it out before I could think!
So, my goal for May is to slow down a bit and take it all in. The boys have field trips and all the end of the year festivities that I usually attend. Going to try my to appreciate the day and not worry about tomorrow. Easier said than done but I shall try…..
This is not another blog post for you all to be my cheerleader and tell me what a good job I am doing. (I promise) In fact, like every other compliment, it only makes me uncomfortable! Isn’t it funny how, with most people at least, they can hear 100 positive things about themselves then only one negative comment and I will be damned if we don’t focus on the negative one!

The boys throwing a football with their daddy right before bed! And we wonder why Noah is all roused up and can’t sleep! Not the best idea I suppose….

This kid never stops!!!

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