These boys of mine…

A busy week and I blogged ZERO times!!! Maybe I should set more realistic goals like shooting for 3 times a week!!

Wyatt learned to ride his bike without training wheels!! We had a few people over for the Tennessee game so we had a house full of kids. My boys love this!! Wyatt asked a friend of mine to help guide him a bit and he just took off! I am so proud of him! And thankful mind you.  If I had tried to teach him he would have cried hysterical saying he was scared and I would have flung his bike into a tree!!! Why do kids learn from other people so much better than their parents??

JP has had a double ear infection. Seems to be on the mend. Saying “dada” a thousand times a day!! These little milestones are such a big deal in our house!! Having one child with autism makes you paranoid when you have other children. You sit and analyze so much you can drive yourself crazy!  I am trying not to do that and just enjoy him. Easier said than done!!

Noah has been good. He has some new obsessions lately. Skylanders have fallen down the list, but they are not out! He still wants to be one for Halloween. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles have risen on the list. He wants to “collect them all”. “The commercial says so,” he says!! I’m thinking about hiring a producer and actors to do a skit on how to pee in the toilet and see if they listen to that!! Their bathroom smells like an outhouse at a county fair in August no matter how many times I clean it!!

Anyway, Noah is already starting his list for his birthday and Christmas. He shows me this huge TMNT playhouse commercial he looked up on Youtube and says “I want that! Each is sold separately and batteries are not included” as serious as he can be!! I just smile and shake my head…. One last story, Wyatt was outside riding his scooter by himself bc Noah wasn’t feeling good. (His stomach hurt and I had to pick him up early from school. He’s fine now.) I walk out there and say these words “DO NOT leave our yard. DO NOT go to anyone’s house without coming in to ask me, you got it?”He says, “Got it!”. These aren’t foreign words to him. I say them daily almost!! So, twenty minutes later I walk outside and no Wyatt. I walk into the front yard with no sign of him. I ease out into the street and there he and the neighbor kid come out of the little boys driveway 3 houses up!! I yell for him and he walks down. I give the whole “Didn’t I tell you blah, blah, blah speech” and he interrupts me and says “I have a hard time saying the word “temperature”, points to his mouth, “See? Temp-u-tur”.  Really? Am I even standing here? Why do I even try???

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