Tis the Season….

I finally talked Matthew into letting me buy a nice camera! So, I head to Target for this year’s Black Friday sale. Didn’t leave the house until about 11:30 this morning, thinking it was only to try to make a dent in some of my Christmas gifts and obviously to purchase something for myself!!! (I’m not the only one who does this am I??) I had to pay for the camera in the electronics department and then do the rest of my shopping, I had no real plan. You know, just seeing what I could find that was still available.

Anyway, I also go to Best Buy, Dick’s, TJ Maxx, and Belk. Just in and out. I spoke to Matthew several times through the afternoon and stopped by Home Depot to buy a Christmas tree. (Man, those things are expensive!!)

Home by 5:30, overall a quick trip!! I felt really good about the I get home, say hello to the boys and of course dig into the camera!! It was supposed to be a bundle package with an extra lens, but it wasn’t in the box. So, I privately freak because I knew Matthew would fuss and frankly I didn’t want to hear it!! He does exactly that and says “Did you not check it? Where’s your receipt?”. I pull it out and silently just want to stab myself! Yep!!! You guessed it…I paid $599.99!!!! I do it all the time, just swipe my card with no cares in the world!!! In my defense, I knew it was a bigger purchase, and I knew the money was there!! Matthew was not pleased to say the least!! I call Target and “handle it”. Long story short, I am heading back to Nashville tomorrow…..with 4 boys!!!!!

Lesson learned I suppose!! 


On another note, I found this thing in my bathroom and I am freaking out!! I mean what is it and why is it in my house? I am moving out bc I can’t take it!!!

I Hate Those Things

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