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Finally getting a post out there!! Whew!! I If I said that I am tired, it would be an understatement!! Between Thanksgiving being later this year and Christmas break our lives have been at full speed!! And if you know anything about dealing with a child with autism that is a recipe for chaos. Everything is out-of-order! School schedule, our schedule, weekends are packed, mornings are rushed, you name it!
We traveled to the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill for an autism study. JP, my one-year-old, has a couple of MRI’s and some other test (Eye scan, cognitive, gross motor and fine motor skills) just to name a few. I do not believe he has autism but if they found something it would only be a step forward for us to jump on the opportunity for early intervention. This is his 3rd scan. He had one at 3 months and one at 6 months with two more to go at the age of one and two.
They call it an IBS (Infant Brain Scan). It sounds scarier than it is and there is no harm being done. They have already found in their research signs as early as 3 months in some infants. (Not JP) The drill is that I get JP to sleep and lay him on the table for as long as he will stay asleep. At 3 months and 6 months, he did okay.
If any of you has ever had an MRI you know that it can get really loud. He wears these huge headphones. I am in the room the entire time wearing headphones as well as a grad student that practically lays in the machine with JP to soothe him if he gets upset.
This time, unfortunately, we didn’t even get to attempt the MRI the first time because every time I laid him on the table he woke up reaching for me. We have a small window to get his in because the MRI stays booked. The next day wasn’t much different. I got him to sleep and he lasted about three minutes before he woke up.
We did get his evaluations done. Like I said before, they tested his fine motor skills, his gross motor skills, his listening and following direction capabilities, and they do an eye tracking scan. He did very well in all these areas. I feel very good about where he is developmentally so that’s a huge deal in our family.  
Noah and Wyatt are just about to kill Matthew and I. Noah hasn’t stopped talking in days and Wyatt just follows his lead. Noah is stuck on various things. A balanced diet, KISS FM, Home Depot, the NFL, Kay Jewelers, the Broncos, Skylanders, Denver, just to name a few.
His conversation goes something like this “Mama! have you ever been to Denver? Can we go to Denver? Is there a Toys R’ Us in Denver? Can we go to Home Depot? I love Home Depot! Did I eat a balanced diet today? It’s very important to eat a balanced diet you know?  The NFL is sponsored by Kay Jewelers. Do you like that store? Did you know every kiss begins with K mama? Let’s go to Kay Jewelers and look at their NFL stuff! Turn the radio up! Is this KISS FM? Do you like the song Dark Horse? We need to go to Home Depot and get one of those things that puts a hole in wood. What’s that called? Oh yeah, a drill!! Let’s get one!! That’s the power of the Home Depot. More savings, more doing.”  He has not stopped!!!!!!!!!!


We head home tomorrow! Six hours on the road, so prayers and positive thinking are always appreciated.
Wyatt, JP, & Noah

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  1. Bless your heart, I cannot imagine a road trip with all of my children. I'd rather go to jail and let the deputies transport me back by myself.

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