The Truth about Being A MOM…

Warning: If you are easily offended you may want to stop reading!! But what are you doing on here in the first place??

To put into words the excitement I have had about going to the beach this week is impossible. I have been able to “chill” for a few days and leave home at home so that’s been nice. I have missed my boys!! I haven’t ever left them for this many days and I know they have functioned  just fine without me, but you still have that hope they have missed you at least a little.

        I am one lucky gal! I only got to go on this wonderful trip bc my best friend took me! She earned it through her company job! I told her on the plane “Thanks for working so hard for us!!” Joking yes, but I am forever grateful. She is a mother too so she understands the hardships of that job as well.

        Oh, the job of a mother….. No one tells you. I suppose, if they did, you wouldn’t believe them. Not that you would think they are lying so much as it is something you just can’t understand until you experience it. Much like grief, which I find odd in a way. Although it kinda makes sense in that both are such deep feelings it creeps into your core.
       I passed needing a break a few months back but knew this trip was coming so I just held my focus and now it’s right here!! Hopefully, I will come back a rejuvenated, better mama. Lately, I must admit, I have struggled. I am so tired of orchestrating everything that my brain is screaming at me to call a timeout.
       No one tells you that you can have such a strong love/hate relationship with your child. (Hate is a strong term but you know what I mean) No one tells you that you want to call your child an asshole! No one tells you that a 4-year-old little girl can act like such a witch! (Yes, I am being polite!)
        I told Matthew the other day that I sometimes wish I was just one of those shitty moms who does not care. Instead, I tirelessly push them to brush their teeth (correctly), I monitor their electronic time, and I am constantly trying to mold them into polite, productive, responsible people.
        Well, I’ll be home tomorrow and I have missed those little assholes like crazy!!! ??
Our hotel was beautiful!!!

The water was chilly but pretty

FaceTime with my boys!!



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