Trying This Again…

I have decided to give this another go, and hopefully stick with it this time! I never in a million years thought blogging would be this hard, but it is! Especially this time around. I decided to up my game a bit and move my blog to WordPress and purchase my own site. All of this is very new to me and I had no idea it was so much work! I did think it might be a good motivator to get me to write! It has worked so well with the 5,000 pairs of jeans I have bought for “when I lose those 10 lbs.” I simply thought how could I fail?? (Note the need for sarcastic font!!!)

And, honestly folks, what better time to start something difficult than right at the start of my older two’s 3rd and 4th-grade year?! I mean really!!! Sometimes it’s as if I sit back and think “Now how could I possibly make this a little more challenging?” However, I know if I sit and wait for a time convenient for everyone then I would never do anything! Especially for myself! Speaking of 3rd and 4th grade!!! Not sure there is enough wine in the world to get me through this one…. I suppose that is my fault for having them so close together! I often say when people ask me how hard it was or if I am glad I had them so close together (it was an accident by the way) that it was tough at times but has been great for them to always have someone. Now my warning/question for them is “Well did you ever consider how hard the 3rd and 4th-grade year will be?” As rough as it’s been for me, I sorta knew the ropes since Noah did it all last year. I tried my best to prep Wyatt, my middle child, all summer for what was coming. He tends to want to enjoy life and all its luxuries but is less than thrilled when it involves any effort on his part! An example of this is the first week of school, he finished studying the weekly spelling words and I told him to wait and that I needed to look at his challenge words online and his bonus word. He then proceeded to tell me that those words were optional so he wasn’t going to do them. “He was good!” he said. I am sure you can imagine how well that went over! Now, I expect some of this when they are teenagers but not at 8!! This is coming from the same kid who recently had braces put on, and the orthodontist told him all the things he could and could not eat. His daddy took him to the appointment, but I knew the spill for the most part. Or I thought I did! The next morning I got up and went downstairs, he is almost crying saying he’s hungry. “Starving to death” were his exact words!!! I said, “Well then fix a bowl of cereal then.” He walks away and cries “I can’t eat cereal anymore. Daddy said so!” I am so used to this kind of stuff I blow it off and say “I highly doubt that your daddy said you couldn’t eat Honeynut Cheerios!!” He shouts “Uh-Huh! He said not to put anything metal in my mouth and Honeynut Cheerios has metal in it! (Grabs the box and points to the nutrients) See! It says IRON 25%!!!” And with that, I walked away…..

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  1. Bri Christensen says:

    Hahaha! Love it! Bless his heart. ?

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