Where Have You Been……..

Miss me? (All seven of you!!) Well, I apologize. I have had a bit of writers block lately. At least I think that is what it is! That and my kids are sucking any thoughts I might have had right out of my head! Between Christmas break, our trip to North Carolina, and snow days we have spent a great deal of time together!! And this mama needs a break!!

            I see all these people on Facebook so happy that we are out of school because they “get to cuddle with their babies all day.” I’m like “Really? Are they serious?” Is there something wrong with me? Of course school and the routine of it really helps our world go a little smoother but still. Also, Noah needs the brain stimulation that school provides or he just has a harder time. (Yeah! That sounds good.)
           I will say the first day or so wasn’t too bad, but then it’s like all hell breaks loose! One is crying because I gave the other ten chips and only gave him nine. Or, I didn’t give one orange juice for breakfast and “Daddy always gives me orange juice”!!! (Their daddy feeds them breakfast in the mornings and does it the same way EVERY SINGLE DAY!!! Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate the help, but sometimes it gets on my nerves how regimented he is. It works well bc of Noah especially but can come back to bite you when you want to get a little wild and have a bowl of cereal without orange juice!
          Honestly, though, I just have not had a lot going on! Wait! I take that back. I have had plenty going on, but nothing anyone would want to actually hear about. Laundry piling up along with dust, trying to think of different things to eat for dinner, catching up on emails and paperwork I have neglected since we returned from North Carolina. Sounds interesting, right?
          One thing you might find entertaining is that I fell down our steps last week. Hard!! I managed to stop the earthquake that I caused, by some miracle! Luckily, I caught myself before I hit the bottom but did not escape unharmed, unfortunately. Nothing major, just a badly bruised arm (I will post a picture) and bruised lower back/bottom (I will not post a picture. And you are welcome!!). I am still sore! Matthew and I went to see Dallas Buyers Club (Very good movie) and I was so uncomfortable! It is getting better, though!
          Anyway, things are going! Noah’s NFL obsession has hit an all new high and he has recently taken on NBA and NHL. I try my best to rein him in so that I keep it under control and thought I was doing good until he said “Mama, did you enjoy week 15?” I was like “What?” because even though I love football I move on after each week! He says, “It wasn’t a very good week. The Broncos lost to the Chargers, the Saints lost to the Rams, and the Titans lost to the Cardinals. I did not like that.” When he does this I sometimes wonder “But you can’t remember to put the seat down?”
         Wyatt has been busy going to friends houses to play. He also keeps rather busy watching videos of OTHER people playing Minecraft (I just don’t get it!!!) And, JP has been keeping me busy climbing anything and everything!! Ugh!
         My mama was gracious enough to let the boys spend the night with her so Matthew and I could celebrate our 12 year anniversary. (Thank you!!) She said that she felt confident she could run the category on Jeopardy if it had anything to do with “The Manning Boys” or “NFL 2013-2014 Season”! And I would agree as long as she wasn’t going against me!
Note: I wrote this last night and didn’t have time to scan it to clean it up a bit before I went to bed so I waited until this morning to send it out. As I was getting ready to get JP’s bag packed for Mother’s Day Out I got a text that our schools were closed! Really?? So, I get on Facebook to double check my source (I still had hope!!) She was correct, so if you need me I will have my regular room at Plateau Mental Health!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
                                                                A week later!!!!!

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  1. Jenny Holmes says:

    You doubted me!!!!

  2. gingerfinn says:

    I just had hope!! LOL

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