Workin’ for a livin’

I recently read a blog about stay at home moms. It was a great article that acknowledged the world of stay at home moms! I haven’t had too much experience with negativity when it comes to me staying at home. An occasional remark that I am usually able to brush off, but overall it’s positive.
First of all, it isn’t for everyone. Most days I’m not even sure it’s for me, but I get through it. The blogger states how it’s not “fun” but rewarding. I’m not sure how even rewarding it is!! In the end, I’m sure it all comes together. And there are days that I know I am blessed to be able to experience things I would ordinarily miss. I try my best to remember that.
One day I was feeling particularly “beat down” and was trying to explain to Matthew how unappreciated I felt, etc. He never gets the fact that he goes to work and gets a “break”. He says, “Yeah but I WORK! You think that’s fun for me?” For that, I could lunge at him, but I restrained myself. How in this world could he not see the difference? One, he goes to a job that he loves!! I am thankful he loves it too, but that has to be particularly rewarding to love going into work and at the end of the day feel appreciated for “a job well done”. I don’t get a paycheck that tells me I did my job successfully. Not a lot of acknowledgments or thank you’s in my world.
I was on one of my rants one day about it all and he says “Go get a job then! I’m not forcing you to stay at home”. Now, for anyone who knows me knows the fact that he’s still able to walk was by sure will, on my part. Instead, I patiently waited until one day he came home fussing about something with his job and I told him that he should quit and find another job! What’s good for the goose is good for the gander and if I am not allowed to complain or have a bad day then neither is he. Sometimes I just have a bad day!
It amazes me how people judge, especially men, us stay at home moms. Like when a man shares that blog or article that goes around every so often about the mom on the iPhone at the park. That one I get to a certain extent because I know too many people who are own their iPhones way too much. At dinners, ball games, church, get together’s, you name it. It’s irritating I get it! But, it kinda pisses me off when a man shares the story! To enlighten us with his knowledge!!!  It makes me want to punch them. I mean, when I think about all that I juggle in a day and you are going to critique me? I know too that it’s not all men but a lot of them, I will say that. Sometimes Facebook and Instagram is my only communication with the “adult” world. If that helps me get through a 10 hour day with no one to talk to but a 10-month-old, how is that any of your business?
Ok, I will step off my soap box now!!
My story is a bit different. I was an assistant coach for a successful girls high school basketball team and got pregnant during my student teaching. Noah wasn’t even 2 weeks old at his first game. Pregnant again when Noah was 5 months old I chose to stay at home seeing that we now had two boys 14 months apart. By then I started noticing Noah was not developing speech and other things at a “normal” rate. To get him the help he needed it was what was best for my family to choose this path. That’s not to say I am miserable or that I am “the best mom” for doing this. Almost any woman I know would have made the same decision and do daily. Now, I choose to stay at home with JP. I do believe that is what is best for him, but in no way do I judge those that do not choose this path or can’t.
When it comes to this topic I say, to each his own……

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