Writing is hard…..

This is hard!!! I have written several post but actually pushing “Publish” is a different story!! I am going to quit worrying so much and just write!! I am a bit old fashioned in the sense that I would rather use pen and paper. Getting used to typing again is a change but I have found that it is much like riding a bike so that’s been good. (Thanks to Ms. Patricia Ferguson my high school computer teacher!!)

One of my biggest fears is the “Grammar Nazis” of the world!  I will admit I am a bit of one myself on certain things anyway.  I had the blessing of good teachers so I am “ok” in that area, at least with what I think are the basics!  All I can say is that I am going to do the best I can!! Usually I will just change the word or phrase I was going to use if I can’t figure it out like everyone else in the world, but if I am actually going to get any post on here you are going to have to bare with me. Maybe I will dig my old Harbrace (I think that is what it was called) out, however for now what do you say we just roll with it?

Finding the time to sit down and actually write is hard too. Most of the time when I actually get time I am blank. I mean nothing!! Driving is when I come up with the best paragraphs in my head. I guess I need to start recording those thoughts, but I detest to hear my own voice!! (I refuse to believe I sound that hideous!!!)

JP has started sitting up on his own really well now so I feel comfortable leaving him in the floor alone.  However, he has now started crying when he makes eye contact with me even if he’s perfectly content. So walking around like a ninja has been a must!! I swear if someone videoed me they would almost know I had to be a bit crazy!!

And finally we will throw in Matthew’s words of wisdom which is “You had all day Tuesday” or “Candy Crush getting in the way?”. Can’t leave out my personal favorite, “Well, if you would get off Facebook”!!!  For anyone that knows me, you know that he will not be breathing through both lungs if he continues with his “encouraging words” but we will see…. 🙂

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  1. Sara Joe says:

    I love this Ginger, I am one of those people too who hate the grammar Nazi. I always wonder when there is no Spellcheck or Grammar check if I look like an idiot. Someone told me I look that way anyway and I accept it.

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