I had already written yesterday’s blog when I received a phone call from Noah’s teacher. She and I have a great relationship and am forever indebted to her for keeping me up to date on how he is doing. She said she was going to text, but it was just too sweet to relay in a text message so she called instead and I have to share!
Yesterday at school the kids were in groups around a table. She said Noah said, “Raise your hand if you believe that God makes everybody different.” She said all the children raised their hands. One of the little boys followed up by saying “I do! The world would be a boring place if he didn’t!” She said she almost cried hearing this and wished she had it on a video to show me.
When she told me this I was so happy I wanted to cry myself. You see, I have never told Noah that he has autism. I know this seems strange, but I didn’t want him to let that label hold him back from anything he could or could not do. Nor did I want him to use it as an excuse! We have reached a point that I believe it is time to have the conversation. I have been almost sick thinking about how I would tell him. How would he handle it? It has also stirred up emotions in me. taking me back to the first time his doctor told me she thought he would be on the spectrum, so it’s been a bit draining.
All this being said, ¬†Noah probably has some idea. The word autism is not a secret in our home. With books, magazines, and computers open to the word it is often a topic of discussion. It will not be a¬†foreign word to any of my boys. To actually explain it to them will be difficult, but maybe not as difficult as I think….

This is one of my all time favorite photos of Noah. We are at Disney World, the kids could parade around the room with Mickey and Minnie Mouse if they wanted to! Noah didn’t even hesitate and Wyatt was too shy! This is what he did when he got in front of me!

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